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Recap / Pushing Daisies S 2 E 8 Comfort Food

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The Past

Young Ned's pie-baking habit is discovered by Eugene and later on, the rest of the students, who all take solace in the homey comfort of hot pie. However, the nightly pie parties are soon discovered by the faculty and shut down.

The Present

Ned, despite his best intentions, sees no way to evaluate Dwight's character other than reviving Chuck's father. After he confirms that Dwight is indeed bad news, Ned allows Chuck the remaining 30 seconds to briefly catch up with her father. Through clever use of a leather glove, she tricks Ned into thinking he has re-deaded her father and spirits him away to Ned's childhood home later on.

Ned and Olive enter the Papen County Comfort Food Cookoff, ready to face off against their nemesis, muffin baker Mary Ann Marie Beetle (a character from Bryan Fuller's previous series, Wonderfalls)... but the cookoff is thrown into commotion when Colonel Likken of Colonel Likken's Fried Chicken is found dead.

Meanwhile, Chuck asks Emerson to help her discover who was killed in exchange for Charles Charles' life.




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