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Recap / Mr Bogus S 1 E 7 Bogus In Wilderland

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Bogus In Wilderland

Written by Richard Merwin

First Act

In a nice quiet forest, the Anybody family is setting up a picnic with Mrs. Anybody getting the blanket all set up while Tommy and Mr. Anybody go off to try out a remote controlled airplane. Mr. Anybody is flying the airplane while Tommy is sitting on a nearby rock looking rather bored, before he pulls out his video game from his pocket while Bogus and Brattus emerge from Tommy's backpack once again. Suddenly, Bogus notices the airplane start flying out of control as he alerts Tommy who then alerts Mr. Anybody. Mr. Anybody quickly ducks down just as the airplane is still flying out of control. Bogus and Brattus then start laughing when they suddenly hear Mrs. Anybody announce that it's time to eat, which prompts the two cousins to race towards the blanket. Tommy grabs them up, telling them that he can't let his parents see them, but when Bogus and Brattus claim that they are hungry, he assures them that he will get them something to eat, which Bogus and Brattus agree to as they high-five each other.


Later, Tommy has now set up a makeshift picnic for Bogus and Brattus as they thank him. Before Bogus and Brattus can help themselves, their picnic is suddenly being taken away by a small group of ants as the two cousins watch in shock. Bogus and Brattus grab hold of the blanket when they are also carried away by some more ants. Bogus has an idea as he grabs some nearby leaves, branches, and twigs, which he uses to disguise Brattus as a spider to scare away the ants. Brattus then leaps in front of the ants, which scares them away as they drop the blanket and run for their lives. After the ants have left, Bogus and Brattus are able to help themselves to the food, unaware that they are being watched by a pair of birds who also want to steal Bogus and Brattus's picnic as they fly in and steal the sandwiches that Bogus and Brattus were about to eat. Brattus then yells at the birds to come back with their lunch, before he pulls the airplane out from behind some bushes before spinning the propeller to make the plane go.


Brattus then jumps into the cockpit of the airplane before the airplane takes to the sky as he starts trailing after the birds. Brattus then flies the plane right past the birds, surprising the birds as they fly after Brattus. What follows after that is a dogfight between Brattus and the birds until one of the birds drops the sandwich onto the front of the airplane, causing it to break off before Brattus, along with the plane, falls back down until landing on top of Bogus. Brattus then looks over and notices a patch of honey on a nearby tree as he starts to eat the honey. Bogus then finds himself being pestered by some bees before becoming alarmed upon noticing a whole swarm of bees start heading towards Brattus. Bogus hurriedly pulls Brattus away from the honey patch before the two cousins leap into a pile of leaves as the bees follow after them. Bogus and Brattus pop out from under the leaves as Bogus gets an idea before he pulls out a crayon, disguising himself and Brattus as bees before flying over to where Tommy and his parents are having their picnic.


The family find themselves being pestered by what they think are bees as they run for their lives and retreat into the RV. They then look out from the RV window, where Bogus and Brattus are now helping themselves to the food on the blanket. Brattus then notices a jar of honey as he starts to eat the honey, at the same time that a bear approaches the campsite, obviously attracted by the smell of the honey. After eating the honey, Brattus notices the bear, who then roars at him and Bogus, prompting the two cousins to retreat back to the same RV that Tommy and his parents are hiding in, entering by sneaking under the license plate. Bogus and Brattus then appear next to Tommy, telling him that it's too dangerous, just as the bear walks away with the entire picnic. Tommy then tells the two cousins that they're safe as long as they're together. Bogus then pulls out a turkey drumstick from behind his back, which he gives to Tommy who gladly takes it. Brattus then pulls out a piece of honeycomb from his pocket, but unfortunately, that honeycomb had two more bees inside that chase Bogus, Brattus, and Tommy out of the RV. The bees then start laughing at the trio's expense afterwards.

Second Act

Nightfall has approached the forest as everyone is ready to turn in for the night. Bogus and Brattus are asleep in their own makeshift sleeping bags, when Brattus suddenly becomes afraid after hearing a scary noise before envisioning a big scary monster threatening him and Bogus. Brattus is fearfully shaking Bogus while telling him that there's something out in the woods. Bogus doesn't believe Brattus as he tells him to go back to sleep. However, the ground starts shaking, which alerts the two cousins. It turns out that the scary noise was actually a lost bear cub. The bear cub then explains that he's lost and can't find his mommy anywhere as he asks Bogus and Brattus to help him find his mommy. Bogus has no choice now but to help the bear as he tells him that they'll help him find his mommy.

Bogus and Brattus are now riding on the bear cub's back as they wander into a dark and desolate area of the forest while in search of the bear cub's mother. Bogus then dismounts off the bear cub before pulling out a compass from his pocket so that he can find out if they're heading in the right direction. The compass goes on the fritz for a few seconds before pointing out the right direction, just as Brattus pulls out a map to find out which direction to take to find the bear cub's mother. Bogus then pops out from under the map, saying that they are on the right track, which causes the bear cub to start laughing, before being approached by a bright light. The bright light is actually one of many fireflies who start flying all over the area. Bogus then decides to call on the help of the fireflies to help look for the bear cub's mother. The fireflies then form a lighted-up ramp before a few more fireflies pick up Bogus, Brattus, and the bear cub as they carry them through the air.

The small group continues flying until dropping them off in another area of the forest as Bogus thanks the fireflies for all of their help. The fireflies then fly away afterwards, before Bogus, Brattus, and the bear cub find that they are now in a really dark and spooky area of the forest. Bogus and Brattus assure the bear cub that there's nothing to be afraid of, before they are scared by a monstrous-looking tree as the trio run for their lives before inadvertently running off the side of a cliff. Fortunately, they land on a tree branch sticking out from the side of the cliff, but unfortunately, the branch then breaks as they fall into the river, before getting swept downstream by the strong current before approaching a cave by the shore, which the bear recognizes as his home.

Bogus and Brattus then mount on the bear cub again as they start to descend deep within the cave. Bogus and Brattus are suddenly frightened by a monstrous noise, which turns out to be a fierce-looking adult bear who scares Bogus and Brattus. The bear cub recognizes the older bear as his mother as she happily picks up her child. When the bear cub tells his mother that Bogus and Brattus helped him, the mother bear then thanks Bogus and Brattus for bringing her child back to her, as the two cousins say that it was nothing and that it was the least they could do to help. Bogus wants to go back the way he and Brattus came, but the mother bear tells him that there's no need to do so because there's an exit at the back of the cave. Bogus and Brattus then start to exit the cave as they wave goodbye to the bears before finally making it out from the cave.

The two cousins then find that the other end of the cave leads them back to their campsite. The two cousins are asleep once again when they are suddenly scared once again by a tree branch scraping on the side of their tent, which causes them to run into the tent that Tommy is sleeping in. When Tommy asks Bogus and Brattus what got them so scared, they say that they're afraid of the dark. Brattus then calls for a firefly who flies into the tent and acts as a nightlight, so that the area isn't as scary now as the three friends then go off to sleep.

Third Act

The next morning, Mr. Anybody and Tommy are out fishing in the lake by boat, but Tommy is rather bored. Bogus and Brattus are hiding in the tackle box where Brattus uses the fishing line and ties up in a lasso. Bogus and Brattus then start doing the 'jumping-through-the-lasso' trick, when Bogus suddenly gets tangled up in the fishing line lasso. Brattus then tugs on the fishing line, which causes Bogus to start spinning uncontrollably until he crashes in the wall of the tackle box. Brattus then climbs up a container, only to discover that there are worms in the container. Brattus then pushes the container over, which causes it to fall over and for the worms to crawl out and escape from the tackle box.

Bogus has now untangled himself from the fishing line as he and Brattus climb out from the tackle box. Bogus and Brattus then approach the fishing poles, before tossing them into the water, which alarms Mr. Anybody. Bogus and Brattus get out of the way just as Mr. Anybody trips on a fishing line spool while the two cousins abandon ship. Mr. Anybody tries to regain control of the boat, but unfortunately, the motor comes loose from the boat and falls into the lake as it sinks to the bottom. Tommy then says that they can use the oars to get back to shore, while Mr. Anybody feels despondent that he failed in trying to teach his son the finer things about fishing.

In another area of the lake, Bogus and Brattus are conversing with a flock of ducks, as the two cousins shape their mouths in the shape of duckbills. Bogus and Brattus are now using the feathers that the ducks are molting while flying so that they can fly as well. Unfortunately, they suddenly lose the feathers as they fall into the lake. Underwater, Bogus then looks over in time to see Brattus riding on a water snake as Bogus swims over to help his cousin. The water snake tries to get at Brattus, who is now holding on to his tail, before Bogus comes in while riding on a frog and saves Brattus, while the water snake winds up biting his own tail. Bogus and Brattus are now riding on the frog while underwater, until they approach a car that somehow sank into the lake.

Brattus then starts dancing as do a bunch of frogs and a couple of fish. After finishing dancing, Brattus comes up with an idea as he enlists the help of a water turtle to bring the boat motor over to the car. The turtle then has the motor balanced on his back before Brattus throws the motor into the back of the car as Bogus, Brattus, the turtle, the frog, and an eel start driving away in the car, as a catfish looks on in confusion. Back on the surface, Mr. Anybody is still trying to console Tommy while underwater, the car starts driving towards the fishhook as Brattus leaps out from the car and bites the fishing line as Mr. Anybody notices that he got a bite on his fishing pole. Mr. Anybody then starts reeling Brattus in, while Bogus swims up and grabs Brattus by his feet as he also gets reeled in.

Bogus and Brattus then get pulls out from the water as Mr. Anybody falls backwards with the fishing line tangled up around his legs. Bogus, Brattus, and Mr. Anybody are rather dizzy from the impact, before Mr. Anybody apologizes to Tommy about the bad fishing trip. Later, the problem is solved, when Tommy holds out a sandwich on his fishing pole for Bogus and Brattus to chase after while they row the boat back to shore.

Absent Characters: Kevin, Ratty, Mole, Aunt Bogunda, the Dirt Dudes, Jake and Butch

Tropes found in Bogus In Wilderland:

  • Alice Allusion
  • Ant Assault: Bogus and Brattus are forced to deal with an army of ants who try to steal their food in the first act.
  • Attack the Tail: In the third act, Brattus rides on a water snake who tries to get at him. Before the water snake can get Brattus, Bogus swings in and saves him, which results in the water snake biting his own tail instead.
  • Bears Are Bad News: The bear who steals the entire picnic in the first act. Averted with the bear cub and his mother in the second act.
  • Camping Episode
  • Mama Bear: A literal example with the bear cub's mother in the second act.
  • Motivation on a Stick: Tommy uses a fishing pole with a sandwich snagged on the other end which motivates Bogus and Brattus to row the boat back to shore at the end of the episode.
  • Picnic Episode: The first act.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: The water snake that Brattus rides on like a bucking bronco in the third act.
  • Scary Stinging Swarm: Bogus and Brattus find themselves being chased by a swarm of angry bees, when Brattus eats their honey.
  • Turtle Power: The water turtle who Brattus consults the help of in the third act.