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Recap / Kids Incorporated S 3 E 9 The Gift

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We have already seen one birthday episode for Renee. In this one, we learn Stacy’s birthday is close to Renee’s on the calendar and the girls try to figure out what to get each other.

We start off with “And We Danced”; during which Riley is in a darkened break room setting up for a party…as it turns out a surprise party for Renee and Stacy celebrating their birthdays (Stacy’s was the day before; Renee’s the day after; they split the difference). Among the gifts sent from their grandmother were a necklace for Renee with a space for a pendant and a charm bracelet for Stacy before the party is momentarily interrupted by the next song (“Mad About You”)note .


With the party wrapping up; the others notice Renee and Stacy hadn’t gotten each other a gift, upon which they explain that they would wait to see what the others got so they could get the other “the perfect gift”, with the other band members suggesting Stacy get a pendant for Renee and Renee a charm bracelet for Stacy. One problem, though — both girls are broke (and as Stacy finds out when she asks to borrow money for the pendant; so is Gloria; while Renee is similarly fretting to Kid and Ryan) - in each case, they (separately) mention checking out a new store nearby, setting up “You’re a Friend of Mine”; which ends with the sisters running into each other at the store, departing after exchanging awkward pleasantries (“If I Could”) while Ryan, Kid and Gloria compare notes and realize they have the same problems.


Eventually, it’s learned that Stacy and Renee were able to get the pendant and charm, respectively. How they got the money? It turns out - in a direct parallel to The Gift of the Magi - Stacy traded her charm bracelet for the pendant, unaware Renee likewise traded her necklace for the charm. It works out, though, as the girls joke that they know the perfect gift for their birthdays next year while Kid remarks “They get the perfect gift and we get the perfect ending”; setting up closing song “Stir It Up”.


Songs performed in this episode:

  • “And We Danced” (The Hooters cover; lead vocals by Ryan)note 
  • “Mad About You” (Belinda Carlisle cover; lead vocals by Gloria, Renee and Stacy)
  • “You’re a Friend of Mine” (Jackson Browne and Clarence Clemons covernote ; lead vocals by Gloria, Kid, Ryan, Stacy and Renee)
  • “If I Could” (Kids Incorporated original; lead vocals by Stacy and Renee)
  • Stir It Up” (Patti LaBelle cover; lead vocals by Ryan and Kid)note 

Tropes associated with this episode:

  • Gift of the Magi Plot: The main premise of the episode; with Renee and Stacy fretting over not having enough money to get a gift that goes with the other’s gift to the two sisters selling their gift to buy the companion present.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Kid’s summation at the end.
    Kid: “They get the perfect gift and we gift the perfect ending.”
  • Pretty in Mink: The “You’re a Friend of Mine” includes Renee trying on a white fur coat while Stacy tries a white fur stole as possible gifts for the other sister.
  • Whole-Plot Reference: To ‘’The Gift of the Magi’’ by O. Henry.