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Recap / Kids Incorporated S 1 E 13 X Marks The Spot

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We turn our attention once again to Renee; as her birthday is nearing in this episode.

We begin with seeing Gloria, Mickey, Kid and Stacy planning a surprise for Renee's birthday; not an easy task considering Renee shows up immediately dropping hints, with no success ("What day is it?" "The 4th" - with Renee also mentioning her birthstone is a garnetnote ) prior to the kids going up for opening song "Love Somebody".


Renee persists; asking Gloria (who mentions she has to study) and Mickey what they got (Mickey had to go gift-shopping later for his parent's anniversary). However; Mickey then remembers what today was...the day they were supposed to debut a new song he wrote (which the audience doesn't see; jumping to immediately after that song was completed). Following the song; Riley arrives with a Treasure Map with the first step having the kids go to the striped pole near the garage (containing the first of four clues). Renee, not surprisingly, is less than enthused. Stacy gets a lift from Mickey to grab the 2nd clue over the garage light fixture. The next clue has the kids heading back to the P*lace ("Time After Time")note .


At the stage door; Mickey retrieves the 3rd clue in the drainpipe (which catches the dancers' attention as they walk out); setting up "Treasure Hunt". That clue sends the kids in the direction of Mickey's locker. Scattered among Mickey's junk (which include a rubber chicken) and other personal items (such as posters of Brooke Shields and Cyndi Lauper); with the final clue written behind the Brooke Shields picture.

After returning to the P*lace; Riley hands Renee an envelope marked with an "X". She opens it to discover what the clues were (all gifts she had gotten for previous birthdays: a teddy bear when she turned 5, her first doll, ballet shoes and "My First Reader" {Kid got the same book when he was younger}). It then clicks for Renee as she reads a poem on how the greatest treasure is your friends prior to the others throwing a birthday party for her ("Celebration").


Songs performed in this episode:

  • "Love Somebody" (Rick Springfield cover; lead vocals by Mickey)
  • "Time After Time" (Cyndi Lauper cover; lead vocals by Renee)note 
  • "Treasure Hunt" (Kids Incorporated original; lead vocals by Renee, Stacy, Gloria and Mickey)
  • "Celebration" (Kool & the Gang cover; lead vocals by Mickey & Kid)

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