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Recap / Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger E 40 The Future Is In The Past

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As the Gokaigers have lunch, Goujyu Drill makes an unexpected appearance. After investigating his mecha's bridge, Gai finds a Time Emblem containing a video message from Domon, the Timerangers' Time Yellow. He tells the Gokaigers to travel back in time to October 2, 2010, to protect the currently destroyed Negakure Temple as it will lead them to another greater power. He also warns them not to interact with anyone in the past as it might cause some complications.


They accept Domon's request, using the Time Yellow Key to take Goujyu Drill into the past. Arriving to the temple, the Gokai Galleon crew find a young boy about to be attacked by the Strengthened Nanashi Company. The group assumes they are responsible for the future destruction of the temple with Gai protecting the boy as the rest transform and chase after the Strengthened Nanashi when they are called for.

Eventually, the Gokaigers spot the Goseigers and Shinkengers during their battle with Buredoran of Chimatsuri's army of Nanashi and Bibis. They then notice Shitari of the Bones gathering the Strengthened Nanashi, planning to ambush the two Super Sentai, deciding to return the favor to the teams for giving them their greater powers in the future by destroying him and his forces.

Back at the temple, Gai tries to take the boy home before learning the boy ran away from home due to his mother being a journalist who moves them around before the boy can make friends. Gai tells the boy that he was like him when he was little, always moving due to his own parents, but he always made friends in each place and despite knowing he might move, he would always have friends everywhere. He encourages the boy to make do with his situation and look forward to tomorrow. By then, the Matroid Zan-KT 0 of the Shot arrives to destroy the temple under orders from Metal-A of the Agent to acquire the large energy presence detected inside. Gokai Silver fights Zan-KT 0 before the other Gokaigers show up to deal with their true target by weakening him with the Timeranger Keys before defeating him with the Gokai Galleon Buster and the Gokai Legendream.


However, Metal-A notices this and uses the newly gained Bibi Bugs to enlarge Zan-KT 0 to gather data on the Gokaigers. However, after Zan-KT 0 is destroyed by Goujyujin, Metal-A decides to leave as improvement on the Zan-KT schematics is more vital for the Matrintis Empire to eliminate the Goseigers.

The Gokaigers meet with the boy's mother and the boy, whose name is revealed to be Mirai Moriyama, thanks Gai for his words as the crew take a group picture of the temple with Mirai and his mother. As the Gokaigers return to the present, they realize they never received the hint to the greater power which appears to be related to a strange bottle that is located inside the temple.

In the future, Domon checks inside Goujyu Drill to finds his Time Emblem, along with a letter from Gai holding the group photo. Though disappointed that they interacted with the past, Domon is shocked when he recognizes the woman as his girlfriend, Honami Moriyama, and is moved to tears when he realizes Mirai is the son he never knew of.



  • Clip Show: Half of this episode uses actual footage from Goseiger vs. Shinkenger, since the episode establishes a reason for the Gokaiger's presence in that movie.
  • Continuity Nod: This episode has plenty of continuity nod to the point that it borders on Continuity Porn: for starters, the episode is set during the events of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger and reuses many of the same scenes from the movie; Mirai (the kid the Gokaigers helps out in the temple) is none other than Domon's lovechild with Honami (who was pregnant at the end of Timeranger); Gokai Silver uses Gingaman's Great Power, just like he promised Hyuga he would in #20; and the pot that was kept inside the temple is the same one Ninjaman was originally sealed in.
  • Foreshadowing: The temple that the Gokaigers were sent to the past to protect contains a magic jar resembling the one in which Ninjaman used to be sealed.
  • Monster of the Week: As the Gokaigers travel back to the time of Goseiger, they take on the Matroid Zan-KT of the Shot from Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis.
  • Mooks: Though our current Mooks are absent in this episode, the Nanashi and Bibi Soldiers since we revisit the events of Shinkenger vs. Goseiger, and the Nanashi appear in original footage when they fight the Gokaigers at the Negakure Shrine.
  • Mythology Gag: Gai says "Time Up" after taking down one of Matrintis' droids.


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