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Recap / Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger E 41 Something I Dont Want To Lose

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On the Gigant Horse, wondering what their next course should be, Damarasu and Insarn receive an unexpected visit from the Zangyack Imperial Fleet as the Zangyack Emperor Akudosu Gill arrives to the bridge. As news of his son's death has reached him, Akudosu has decided to assume command while having his Imperial Guards take Damarasu to the brig for failing in his mission as he then sends the Imperial Guard Zatsurigu to avenge his son. On Earth, while grocery shopping with Gai and Joe, Ahim sees Zatsurigu and attacks him without warning. Astonished, the two quickly attempt to join the fight before all three are defeated and Zatsurigu leaves to take a drink. Later on the Gokai Galleon, Joe and Gai tell what happened as Doc advises they go into hiding. This notion causes Ahim to remember destruction of her home planet Famille and her parents' deaths at the hands of Zatsurigu. Knowing what she must do, and grateful for what the Gokaigers have done for her, Ahim decides to leave the Gokai Galleon in the dead of night to avenge her parents' death. However, the others expect that Ahim would leave and explain to her that she is going out on what is effectively a suicide mission. As she breaks down in tears, Captain Marvelous reminds Ahim of when she joined the Gokai Galleon crew and how she wished to give hope to the other survivors of Famille and other destroyed worlds while telling her that they will be there for her. The next day, the Gokaigers face Zatsurigu with Gokai Pink leading the attack as the Imperial Guard overpowers them with his telekinetic powers. Changing plans once everyone realizes Zatsurigu's method of attack, the others hold him off so Gokai Pink can take the Imperial Guard's eye out to disable his powers. From there, Gokai Pink uses the Go-on Wings Ranger Keys with Gokai Silver followed by the Gouraiger Keys with Gokai Green, before transforming into Gosei Pink alongside Gokai Yellow as Gosei Yellow, Deka Swan with Gokai Blue becoming Deka Master, and finally Princess Shinken Red with Gokai Red as Shinken Red. She then uses the Gokai Galleon Buster (using Pink Charge instead of the usual Red Charge) to finish Zatsurigu off. Zatsurigu is then enlarged as Goujyujin holds him off so Gokaioh can summon Machalcon and form Kanzen Gokaioh to destroy the Imperial Guard. Later, the crew takes a breather as Ahim thanks them for helping her avenge her planet's destruction while a bit confused when Captain Marvelous's reasons for helping are brought up. Back on the Gigant Horse, Damarasu is livid in the brig as he awaits whatever punishment is in store for him.



  • Co-Dragons: Zatsurig and Dyrandoh accompany the Emperor when he takes over Zangyack's efforts on Earth. Only one survives past this episode, and Zatsurig is the monster of the week, guess who dies.
  • Finishing Move: The Gokai Galleon Buster's pink charge.
  • Gendered Outfit: Played straight in #41, when Marvelous and Ahim use the male and female Shinken Red keys at the same time.
  • Monster of the Week: Zatsurig of the Imperial Guard.
  • Mythology Gag: Zatsurig, uses an Evil Eye with Green Lantern Ring abilities to fight, not too different from Wolzard.
  • Title Drop: Picks up the ball when Marvelous said "[they] have something [they] don't want to lose." In this case, Ahim.
  • The Worf Effect: Inverted when Zatsurig, with his Game-Breaker ability and the destruction of planet Famille to his name, is taken down in the same ep he appears in.


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