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Recap / I Zombie S 5 E 1 Thug Death

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Liv has to deal with a brain shortage in Seattle just as video of zombies eating on a woman raises tensions.


  • Commonplace Rare: Dale's request for chocolate makes it clear it's considered a delicacy in Seattle these days. Later subverted when it turns out that there really is still a wide variety of coffee. After all, it is Seattle...
  • Everyone Has Standards: Invoked by the border agents Blaine was bribing as they were okay letting folks go through the city borders for cash but try to quit when they see a zombie feast on a woman.
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  • London Gangster: Ravi becomes this after eating the brain of a mob "thumbreaker."
  • Read the Fine Print: Said verbatim by Blaine when noting that he was truthful to his bribed border agents on how zombies aren't violent and rabid..."unless they're hungry."
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  • Suicide Attack: A man does this by plowing a van of explosives into a squad of Filmore-Graves soldiers.

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