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Recap / Gundam Seed Ep 11 The Awakening Sword

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Kira is being tried for actions, with Murre acting as judge, Natarle as prosecution, and Mu as defense. Though Natarle is calm and professional, Mu is flustered, muttering to himself as he looks up the relevant bits of military law during his defense. Murrue largely ignores both of them, focusing on Kira instead. When pressed, Kira says that he freed Lacus because didn't rescue her in the first place just so that she could be made a hostage. Murrue concludes the trial by saying that although he is undoubtedly guilty of an offense that could have him facing the death penalty, military law has no provisions for punishing civilians, so he'll be let off.


In the hall outside, Sai and Miri are waiting for Kira. They comisserate over their punishments, Miri explaining that Murdoch caught them in the hanger after they helped launch the Strike. Sai says that he's relieved Kira came back, as he'd been worried since Kuzzey told him he was friends with the Aegis' pilot. Flay overhears this, though the others don't notice her presence.

On the Gamow, Yzak, Dearka, and Nicol plan an attack, using the fact that the Gamow should be able to reach the Archangel ten minutes before it rendezvous with the lunar fleet and they have to retreat. Though Nicol worries that this isn't enough time, Yzak calls him a coward. Dearka also believes that it's a good plan, and Nicol reluctantly agrees to go along with it.

The Vesalius is away from the Gamow, transferring Lacus to another ship. Aboard, Athrun encounters Lacus in the hall. He tells her that although she's a guest, the Vesalius is a warship, so she shouldn't wander around. Taking her back to her room, he asks how she's holding up through everything she's been through. She says that she's fine, since Kira treated her very well. Athrun tells her that Kira is a misguided fool, being manipulated by the Earth forces since his parents are Naturals. Lacus reminds him that Kira said that he'd rather not fight against Athrun, and Athrun says that he's not the only one who feels that way. As Athrun turns to leave, Lacus says that Athrun has been different lately, and Athrun says he can't exactly fight a war with a big smile on his face.


As the Archangel nears the lunar fleet, Natarle warns the bridge crew not to slack off, since fleets are conspicuous and will draw the enemy's attention. Kuzzey talks to Sai, wondering if they'll be allowed to leave, recalling earlier when Murrue told them they'd be taken into custody for being exposed to military secrets. He's also worried about what will happen to Kira, since Kira has been a lot more deeply involved than them. Their conversation is cut short when Kira enters the room. Flay shows up as well, and, unexpectedly, apologizes to Kira for her previous behavior. Kira apologizes for being unable to save Flay's father. She says that war is terrible, and Kira agrees.

On the bridge, they signal for battle stations after detecting the approach of Blitz, Buster, and Duel. As Kira rushes to the Strike, he accidentally knocks over a young refugee girl in the hall. He stops to help, but Flay does before he can, bringing the girl back to her feet and explaining that Kira was in a hurry because he has to protect them all. Kira leaves to head for the Strike while Flay calmly explains to the girl that Kira is going to get rid of all the bad guys for them. As she does so, she squeezes the girl's hand hard enough to prompt the girl to cry out in pain, yanking her hand free and running off.


Mu and Kira launch as the Archangel readies its weapons. Mu attacks Dearka, while Yzak distracts Kira, and Nichol heads for the Archangel. The Blitz tries to use its mirage colloid stealth system, but the Archangel switches to anti-air shrapnel warhead missiles and calculates the Blitz's approximate position from its incoming fire. Nichol is forced to abandon stealth, since the Blitz is unable to use mirage colloid and phase shift at the same time.

While Kira and Mu continue to fight Yzak and Dearka, the Gamow fires at the Archangel. While some shots are dissipated by the Archangel's anti-beam depth charges, it's hit several times. Though its laminated armor system protects it, the armor can't shed heat fast enough to keep up with the bombardment. The Blitz avoids the Archangel's defensive fire and lands on the ship itself, firing point blank into the hull. None of the ship's weapons can hit it that close to the ship, so Miri calls Kira for backup. Hearing Miri's call for help, Kira thinks of Flay promising the little girl that he would protect all of them. We see an image of a purple seed floating against a background of multicolored light, before the seed itself explodes in a burst of light. Kira, his eyes now drawn distinctively in a "flat" style without their normal "light", says that he won't allow them to sink the Archangel.

Yzak attacks, but Kira counters instantly, damaging the Duel with his beam saber before immediately heading for the Archangel. Yzak fires at the retreating Strike, but Kira dodges easily. Attacking the Blitz, Kira literally kicks it out of the way, knocking it away from the Archangel but losing his beam saber in the process. Yzak tries to counterattack, but Kira draws one of the Strike's combat knives and effortlessly stabs it into the Duel's already damaged armor. The Blitz pulls the Duel away as Nichol contacts Dearka, telling them they have to retreat. The Duel's cockpit is filled with smoke and blaring alarms, Yzak screaming that it hurts as he covers his face with one hand, blood visible inside his helmet's cracked visor.

Kira lands on the Archangel, his eyes returned to normal as Mu congratulates him on his unbelievable performance. As the Earth Alliance's 8th Fleet arrives, Flay is still sitting alone on her bunk, saying to herself that Kira has to beat up all the bad guys, otherwise the war will never end.

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