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Recap / Digimon Frontier E 50 Cross Over Time The Birth Of A New Legend

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The kids survive but land, reverted to their human forms, in the underground terminal at Shibuya Station, and Bokomon and Neemon arrive. The news tries to report on the mysterious events at Shibuya before all of the lights and screens go out, and Lucemon crashes the elevator down to the ground. Takuya wants to spirit evolve and chase him again, but Kouji warns him that Lucemon is invincible.

Takuya slams himself in anger against the broken elevator, upset that they can’t do anything to Save Both Worlds. As Takuya begins to cry, Agnimon emerges from his Digivice and helps him push the elevator, saying that this is their combined strength. The kids’ spirits emerge as well to encourage them, and Takuya realizes that their Spirits have always been fighting along with them. The other Spirits appear one by one, saying that their hearts have allowed them to be reborn as Digimon, and Patamon, Plotmon, and Lopmon channel their former selves as Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon, saying Lucemon Satan Mode is a senseless beast with no conscience and that that they can win if they combine the Spirits’ power. Together, the kids ancient spirit evolve to Susanoomon and go to stop Lucemon’s rampage.


Knowing that Lucemon Satan Mode has no conscience, Susanoomon breaks into the orb of darkness that Lucemon holds in the hopes of finding what’s controlling him. He sees a large larva-like creature inside the sphere, but is unable to break through to get to it. Susanoomon is sent flying to the ground and Bokomon, Neemon, Patamon, Plotmon, and Lopmon are sent back to the Digital World, and Lucemon begins to go on a rampage. Susanoomon uses all his power to enter the orb of darkness, finding Lucemon’s true form of Lucemon Larva. Despite Lucemon Larva’s barrage of attacks, Susanoomon manages to land a clean attack on him, destroying the orb of darkness.

Without something controlling it, the Lucemon Satan Mode puppet begins to mindlessly destroy everything, and Susanoomon manages to keep him pinned down. He then summons the BFG to slice through him, and data begins to flow back from his body to the Digital World. However, the battle isn’t over yet, and the surviving Lucemon Larva heads towards Susanoomon, who releases the kids from his body and shields them. As the kids watch, Susanoomon manifests the Ten Legendary Warriors, who each slash Lucemon Larva and destroy him for good.


Takuya thanks the Legendary Warriors for protecting them, but they in turn say that the kids were the ones who protected them instead. Fairymon says that she’s happy in Italian, and Junpei reasons that it’s because she was with Izumi this whole time. The kids’ Digivices return the scanned data Lucemon had taken, restoring the Digital World to its normal state, and the group realizes that it finally is over. Takuya tells Agnimon that he’s leaving the Digital World in the Warriors’ hands, and Agnimon replies that they’ll protect it.

The gate to the human world begins to close, and the Warriors hurriedly push the kids into it, since the kids will be unable to return if the gate closes completely. Bokomon realizes that he’ll never see the kids again and, after being prevented from going after them by Neemon, swears that he’ll never forget them and promises to write a book about how they saved the Digital World and created a new legend. As the gate closes, Takuya says that they won’t ever forget the Digital World either.


While the kids fly towards the human world, Löwemon appears on Kouji’s Digivice and delivers some news: Kouichi is still alive. The group ends up landing inside the elevator at Shibuya Station, ten minutes after they initially left. Takuya remembers having seen Kouichi at the elevator and leads them down the stairs, but they arrive only to find a bunch of officers looking over the area where Kouichi fell. Kouji approaches them and demands to know where his brother was taken.

Kouichi happens to be at a bed in a hospital, where the doctors are having no luck in trying to get a pulse out of him with a defibrillator. Kouji bursts into the room with the others behind him and begins to cry. The combination of the light of the kids’ Digivices and a teardrop from Kouji causes Kouichi to wake up, and Takuya says that a miracle has happened. The other kids rush towards Kouichi’s bed, while the Digivices turn back into cell phones.

Now that everything’s over, the kids move on with their lives: Takuya makes it back in time for his brother Shinya’s birthday party, appreciating his friends and family a bit more; Junpei and Izumi manage to form lasting friendships with others; Kouji finally presents the bouquet of flowers to his stepmother and is able to call her “mom”, and Kouichi takes Kouji to visit their birth mother, with both of them knowing that they’re no longer alone; Tomoki is able to approach life with more courage, and plays alongside Katsuharu and Teppei.

We met by chance, and it all started here.


  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Lucemon Larva's stinger is powerful enough to take down Susanoomon, but that doesn't stop the Warriors from splitting apart and finishing Lucemon off themselves.
  • BFG: Susanoomon's weapon is one but...
  • BFS: It breaks apart into a sword as well.
  • Book-Ends: In the English dub, Susanoomon says, "And so it ends," referencing the dub title of the very first Digimon episode.
  • But Now I Must Go: It’s disputed among fans whether this counts as the Digimon traditional ending of the kids having to leave their partners forever, since it’s hard to tell whether the Spirits count as partners (and it certainly has much less of an emotional effect as the other Digimon partner partings have). Regardless, the kids are sent back to the human world and at the very least have to leave Bokomon and Neemon, so the trope is still present.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: Lucemon Larva can't take anywhere near the punishment that Satan Mode did.
  • Eye Catch: Takuya and Kouji’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Laser Blade: Lucemon Satan Mode is finished off the same way that Falldown Mode was. The sword itself is visible for a few frames after the beam fades.
  • Mind Hive: Susanoomon is this for both the kids and the Legendary Warriors.
  • Not Quite Dead: The doctors were still trying to save Kouichi when the others burst in.
  • Off-Model: Before the kids ancient spirit evolve to Susanoomon, a piece of Stock Footage of the kids holding up their Digivices is used. The problem is that Kouichi’s hand and Digivice are shown among them...despite Kouichi having “died” two episodes prior.
    • Agnimon's Facial Markings are briefly shown as being white rather than red while he is talking to Takuya.
  • Oh, Crap!: Lucemon Larva sounds afraid when Susanoomon makes it into the Gehenna Sphere.
  • Shaping Your Attacks: Susanoomon's Yakusa no Ikadzuchinote  attack uses lightning bolts in the shape of dragons.
  • Spam Attack: Lucemon Larva's only attack aside from actually stinging something is to fire projectiles from its stinger.
  • Taking You with Me: Lucemon Larva tries this by impaling Susanoomon with its stinger only to die to the Warriors themselves when they split apart.
  • Weirdness Censor: The dub has a reporter explaining Lucemon's appearance away as a freak electrical discharge.

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