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Recap / Creeped Out S 1 E 1 Slapstick

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The Curious, a mysterious masked being who "collects" strange tales, is shown building a sandcastle and wandering the seashore.

Jessie's parents constantly embarrass her with their loud, over the top behaviour. She is jealous of her popular neighbour Patty, whose parents seem to love her very much and bought her a pair of cool shoes. After an argument, Jessie's parents try to make it up to her by buying her new shoes like Patty's; but give her a cheap, tacky pair instead of the brand she wanted, embarrassing Jessie in front of Patty and her friends. Jessie yells at her parents and storms off.

Jessie goes down to the beach and watches a performance hosted by Mr Blackteeth, a Punch and Judy-style puppet. Mr Blackteeth's assistant, "The Bottler", approaches her after the show and encourages her to tell Mr Blackteeth her problems. Jessie is unnerved by the puppet and his weird responses to her, but opens up to him. Mr Blackteeth offers her a deal whereby, if she knocks on her head three times and says "That's the way to do it," she will be able to control her parents. Jessie is sceptical but knocks on her head and says the words.

When Jessie's parents don't get up for breakfast the next day, she realizes they have been turned into puppet-like automatons under her control. They go to a party that Patty's family invited them to, and Jessie is at first happy that she can make her parents act "normal." However, she starts to have second thoughts when she sees her dad unable to have fun with his friend; and witnesses Patty's mother verbally abusing her daughter. Patty and her friends cover Jessie in ketchup and make fun of her, causing Jessie to realize there's no way they would ever accept her. At home, she sadly looks at family photos and accepts that she wants her parents back. She tries to reverse the spell or command them to return to normal, but is unable to do so.

Jessie goes to look for Mr Blackteeth, but he is no longer there. She traces him to another seaside town, where she sees that her parents have become the new puppets in his act. She begs Mr Blackteeth to free them, and he explains there's only one way: they will need "understudies" to replace them. The Bottler explains that he deliberately lured Jessie in order to save his own parents; now, she will take his place as Mr Blackteeth's assistant until she can find understudies. Mr Blackteeth asks Jessie how far she will go to save her parents. Later, during Mr Blackteeth's show, Jessie watches a boy in the audience who is unhappy after an argument with his parents.

Elsewhere on the beach, The Curious pockets one of the posters advertising Mr Blackteeth's show; and vanishes.

This episode contains examples of: