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Recap / Charmed S5E18 Cat House

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Season 05, Episode 18:

Cat House

Piper accidentally casts a spell that sends Paige and Phoebe back in time where, unknown to them, a warlock is trying to kill the Charmed One's cat to alter their future.

A woman, Katrina, is feeding her cats, when a warlock blinks in. She senses him and attacks in self-defence. Blinking behind her, she turns around and he cuts a necklace off her neck, but she kicks him down and signals the cats to attack him. Katrina escapes, but the warlock fights off the cats and he picks up her necklace. It bears a triquetra.

Paige and Phoebe are talking about Piper's past relationships. Leo and Piper are arguing. Leo is walking away and Piper accidentally blows up a door in her anger. This worries Paige and Phoebe. Phoebe and Paige try to help them work it out. But Leo insists that it's not their problem. Phoebe schedules Leo and Piper to see a mortal marriage counsellor, with Paige explaining that their problems are marital, not supernatural. They both agree.


The warlock is looking through a drawer, when he finds a scry crystal and a map. He scries for Katrina and finally, the scry crystal lands on a location. Paige goes to Phoebe's work and tells her that she's been worried about Piper and Leo. Phoebe agrees, saying that she's been feeling the same way too. But she reassures Paige that they've been through a lot worse. Katrina calls Phoebe and says a warlock is after her. She is in the manor, asking for her to come home with her sisters and Leo, because she has a cut across her neck, and she needs healing. Leo, however, is with the marriage counsellor.

Leo and Piper meet with the marriage counsellor. They are sitting at opposite ends of the couch. They talk a little and when the marriage counsellor asks for a history of their childhood, Piper freezes him, thinking that it will take months. Piper casts a memory spell and unfreezes the counsellor. She tells him that they should just skip the childhood part, with Leo agreeing.


The warlock is attacking Katrina to the manor, but Paige and Phoebe orb in. Paige orbs Katrina away, while Phoebe struggles and fights the warlock. Phoebe gets the upper hand, but she, Paige and the warlock suddenly find themselves outside the manor. The warlock blinks away. Paige and Phoebe suspect that the warlock blinked them outside the house.

As Leo and Piper retell their past experiences in an effort to rekindle their love for each other, Phoebe and Paige find themselves watching those same experiences play out. They see a flashback of Phoebe checking out Leo. Paige is confused and Phoebe says that it's her from about 5 years ago. Paige is disgusted that Phoebe has hit on Leo before. They find themselves in the attic where Dantalian is stealing the Book of Shadows. They stay hidden and see past-Phoebe and past-Piper torturing Dantalian. They also see them literally freeze Leo and shatter him to pieces. Paige and Phoebe try to orb out, but they are "bounced back".

Piper and Leo continue to talk, then, the marriage counsellor asks them to talk about their wedding. Paige and Phoebe are flashed to the scene of Leo and Piper's wedding (Prue briefly appears in this scene in footage reused from Just Harried), and after Kit, their cat, comes up to them, the warlock blinks in. He seems as surprised as Phoebe and Paige and quickly blinks away again, after stepping on Piper and Leo's wedding cake topper. Phoebe and Paige fear that the warlock has altered the past.

Piper feels a sharp pain in her heart and the cake topper from the present-day disappears. Paige and Phoebe soon realize that none of the flashbacks are the warlock's doing and that since all of the events are centred around Piper and Leo, they think that it may be Piper's doing. In the middle of potion-making, they are flashed into the scene where Piper, for the first time, really admitted her love for Leo. They see Piper finally being able to heal Leo, realizing that the trigger to heal was love.

Kit comes up to Paige and Phoebe again and the warlock blinks in. They then realize that the warlock was after Kit, not them.After reading the Book of Shadows entry on familiars, they realize that Kit had been their familiar. Leo is then seen arguing about Piper. The marriage counsellor asks for a memory that they've overcome as a couple. They are flashed back into the memory of Piper and Leo's first kiss. They are flashed into another memory of Piper in the alley, waiting for Leo to be returned to her. They are then, again, flashed into another memory of Prue (as a dog) chasing Kit. They are also flashed into another memory of Leo saving Phoebe and Piper from the knight, when Paige's past life trapped them. Another memory they were flashed into was when Phoebe accidentally walked in the bathroom while Piper and Leo were taking a shower and kissing. They are also flashed into a memory of when Piper was possessed by Terra and was table dancing at P3. Paige and Phoebe are also flashed into the memory of Leo's proposal to Piper. Paige orbs and finds the warlock has just stabbed Kit. Kit's corpse morphs into that of Katrina. In the present, Katrina disappears. Leo develops a sudden headache; he's feeling the pain of hundreds of witches who weren't able to protect themselves, because of not being able to be helped by Kit in the future. Piper freezes the marriage counsellor and strangely hears Phoebe calling to her from the past. Phoebe wants Piper to go back to when Leo proposed to her. This time, Paige and Phoebe are ready for the warlock. They get to the attic before the warlock gets to Kit. Paige throws the potion, making him unable to blink. Phoebe stabs him, vanquishing him.

Katrina has reappeared and reveals that she had been Kit, and that she'd left, because her work with the Charmed Ones had been complete. Leo says that the Elders had made her human to guide other familiars—a reward granted to only a few special familiars. He also reveals that the pain he'd felt had been those of the witches who'd lost the familiars Katrina had been training when she'd been killed by the warlock. Katrina requests that they call her when Wyatt comes into his powers, with Piper agreeing. Piper and Leo vow to spend more time together. At the end of the episode, however, it is revealed that the wedding cake topper is still missing.


  • The Bus Came Back: Katrina is revealed to be Kit, the Charmed Ones' former pet/familiar, turned human.
  • Call-Back: The episode "Pre-Witched" (which was also a flashback story) showed that familiars could become human by betraying their witch - but would have to shed their nine lives to maintain said form. This episode reveals that familiars can become human through years of good service to witches.
  • Clip Show: In an interesting spin on the usual clip show format, present-time Phoebe and Paige find themselves thrown back in time. It also shows an unseen clip from "Just Harried". The episode goes to a commercial break after Prue runs off with TJ, but here we see Phoebe comforting Leo after Piper calls it off.
  • Close-Enough Timeline: Paige and Phoebe repair the damage caused by the warlock in the past, but the wedding cake topper that the warlock accidentally stepped on remains broken.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Paige, courtesy of this line.
    Phoebe: I was under a spell. Evil.
    Paige: Evil? You were blonde.
  • Continuity Nod: The potion to prevent the warlock from blinking that had been used in "Muse To My Ears" is made again to stop this warlock.
  • Excuse Plot: The marriage counsellor framing device is the set-up for the clip show.
  • Fake Shemp: During the flashback to Piper and Leo's wedding, Prue is seen from behind, played by a stunt double.
  • Familiar: The Charmed Ones finally realize Kit was one. Paige is also implied to have had one before she met her sisters.
  • The Ghost: Prue in several flashbacks. The only time she's seen is the aforementioned shot, and when she was turned into a dog.
  • Samus Is a Girl: Kit had been thought to be male for years, but turns out to have been female.

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