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Recap / Bobs Burger S 5 E 14 Lil Hard Dad

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When Bob buys a defective RC helicopter, he takes Gene on a quest to get his money back. Meanwhile, Linda and Louise help Tina cram for a book report.

  • Conversation Cut: Lampshaded by Gene. Bob finally reflects on their day when they get home, and Gene remarks that he was wondering when Bob was going to say something.
  • Could Say It, But...: Terry loudly denies that Hobby Hole sells helicopters capable of actual warfare, before taking them to the backroom.
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  • Department of Redundancy Department: "300 dollars, of money?!"
  • Honor Before Reason: Bob, all the while saying "it's the principle of the thing!"
  • I Meant to Do That: Tina has a nervous breakdown during her book report, but her teacher interprets it as perfectly representative of The Call of the Wild.
  • It's the Principle of the Thing: Bob's motive. He even denies that he says this, before a montage of saying it at various locations.
  • Jerkass: Sheldon, who deliberately sells shoddy helicopters to people.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Gene says at the end that Bob and Sheldon's feud has gotten ridiculous and one of them should just let it go.
  • A Rare Sentence:
    Bob: Now, how about we go inside and ice my butt?
    Gene: I wonder how many other dads are saying that to their sons right now. I bet a lot!
  • Shot in the Ass: Bob gets several darts in the butt from one of Sheldon's copters.
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  • Shout-Out: Upon seeing fish flying the sky (which are fish RC drones), Gene says "This was in Revelations! Kirk Cameron was right!"
  • Stating the Simple Solution: Terry has a BB embedded in his leg due to Sheldon's helicopter. At the end of the episode, Gene tells him to just go to a doctor to have it removed.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Sheldon claims he didn't eat Terry's "delicious roast beef and cheddar sandwich." He does admit to stealing his lunch in the end.
  • Title Drop: Gene says that he's going to go with Bob to learn how to be tough, and tells his family to call him "Little Hard Dad".

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