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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 067 Dreamtime

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The Seventh Doctor, Ace and new companion Hex land on a rock in space, which turns out to have a deserted city on it... as well as Ayers Rock. The three are soon beset by creatures from Australian mythology. Realising that they're sensitive to sound, the Doctor tries to sonic them, but is drawn into the aboriginal dream world.

While Ace hangs out with human miners and a bunch of Galyari merchants and Hex tries to contact the Doctor (and freaks out a bit), the Doctor goes on a sort of drowsy spiritual journey. He gets his body copied in the process, but eventually breaks free with Hex' help and finds out that modernisation disrupted the natural terraforming dreaming powers of aboriginal Australians. When Uluru was detached from Earth and turned into a space colony, the land's ties with the dream world were broken, and the Doctor helps restore them using sound and a whole lot of Mind Screw.




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