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Nostalgia Critic: But they run into the most dangerous thing in any sci-fi movie: space stuff! Yeah, ya know, space stuff. Nobody knows what it is, but as long as you say some Techno Babble with the word "electromagnetic" thrown in, it suddenly can do anything!
Officer: Take initial radiation, gamma ray readings... it's an electromagnetic storm.
Nostalgia Critic: Bingo! Now a city of apes can happen.

Quark: What do you make of that?
Ficus: A most fascinating phenomenon, but one which leaves the mind facing a myriad of possibilities, alternatives and conclusions that are at best strictly hypothetical with no sound basis in fact.
Quark: In other words, you don't know.
Ficus: That's what I said.

Makoto: We have visual of the target.
Misato: Great! What can you tell me?
Makoto: The target appears to be...a thing.
Misato: What the hell do you mean, "a thing"?
Makoto: It's a...a...thing?
Misato: Can none of you three do anything useful around here? Maya!
Maya: (talking very fast) Yes! The object is cruising at a steady pace towards Central Dogma. Its constant phase gives it a reflective quality that makes it appear like a massive...thing.
EvAbridged 3.0 Rei is (not) Pleased

Kirk: Bones, there's a thing out there.
McCoy: Why is anything we don't understand always called a thing!?

"Captain, we have encountered an unusual phenomenon...phenomenon...phenomenon... pheeenooomeeeennnonnnnn...."
— Tuvok reporting this week's Negative Space Wedgie in Star Trek: Voyager, "Twisted"

Counselor Tryhard: (regarding a shapeshifting alien) I've never seen anything like it!
Commander Piker: That's 'cause Deep Sev Nine got all the morphing effects.
Sev Trek: Pus in Boots (2002)

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