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"So he's an astrophysicist? So is Brian May, and he plays a better guitar solo.
"Before the 9th Armchair Orca Brigade chime in with, 'Screaming takes no talent!', bitch, take it from someone who's done it. There is a technique involved. Black metal vocals are not a simple matter of opening your mouth and going 'Aaahhh', they're a matter of opening your mouth and going, 'GYAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!'"
"He's not a reviewer. Or critic. Or dental hygienist. If anything, he’s a comedy writer. Not a terrible one, but he’s also not doing anything that Charlie Brooker didn’t do first, and better, in the pages of PC Zone magazine in the '90s. And continually comparing people like myself to him because 'derp, they both use ten-dollar words and talk fast’… proves only how narrow gamers’ frame of reference actually is."
- on Yahtzee

"Video games didn't create your school shooter. They just happened to be something he or she enjoyed doing when they weren't busy being badly parented by you."
- Of School Shooters and Fabergé Eggs: A Rant

"'@TimOfLegend'? Ron Burgundy is a fucking legend. Tim Schafer is a cautionary tale."
- Socking it to Tim Schafer: A Rant

"This...this is your answer, Google? OnLive, but for hipsters?"
"...if the idea is merely downloading and queueing fuckin' single player games to play at a later date, isn't...isn't that exactly what the Phantom fuckin' was? Don't know what that is? Gather round, Rudy and Theo, it's time for another Cosby anecdote, this time an epic tale of epic fail. The Infinium Labs...Phantom! never worked and 65 million motherfuckin' dollars later it bombed harder than Blade Runner 2049. Billy Zane in a box with a purple fuckin' leotard would've been a wiser investment. FIN."
- also on Google Stadia

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