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"Other people do tie-ins all the time; they’re just better at being subtle about it. Another studio might make a Giant Robot movie that ties into the Transformers release and call it Robot Wars. We’ll call ours Transmorphers."
David Michael Latt, co-founder of The Asylum

"The porn industry is going to make a Superman Vs. Spider-Man movie before DC makes an actual Justice League or Wonder Woman movie. Wow."
Rob Bricken, Topless Robot

Papa: Is better!
Papa and both kids: Much better!
The Amanda Show, "Blockblister Video"

"Hold on, Pudgy Pig? Look familiar? Sound familiar? Yes, it's a cartoon from an alternate dimension, where Pudgy was in Wormer Brothers cartoons along with Insects Bunny and Mentally Unstable Duck. The series was called Happy Harmonies, and then the name was changed to Crazy Songs. Pudgy's tagline: "A-ba-dee-a-ba-dee-a-ba-dee That concludes the endeavor, people."
James Lileks, Comic Sins

"Wait a minute, that wasn't the real Mickey Mouse..."
Andrew Klavan on Farfour, Andrew Klavan on the Culture

"The War Z is not just a bad game. Bad games happen all the time. This is something far more insidious; a shameless attempt to cash-in on a popular trend with the minimum possible effort. It's different from the regular band of clones, copies and derivations because most of those at least attempt to fashion a half-way decent game. This is a focused cash-grab, as plain as there ever has been. Put simply, The War Z is the Ratatoing of video games."
IncGamers on The War Z

"Snow Queen" is finally out on DVD! I can't wait to hear those hit songs like "Let go of it" and "Would you like to make a man out of snow?"
Facebook post on a film adaptation of The Snow Queen whose boxart closely resembles that of a certain Disney film loosely based on the original book


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