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If I could walk with the animals! Talk with the animals!
Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals!
And they could talk to me!

In the dead of night, parliaments of animals gather to discuss important matters. To unlearned folk, their discourse sounds like chittering and mewing - not true speech, but beast-babble. You know better.

Sojiro: Uhhh, so what was this mistake Akechi made? What did he do...?
Ann: He slipped up in regards to Morgana's voice.
Sojiro: You mean our cat?
Ann: Yes. Morgana can talk.
Sojiro: (initially unable to respond) Sorry, was that supposed to be a joke?
Haru: Oh! Our apologies. That's completely true.
Morgana: You surprised?
Sae: Does that mean... he said something just now as well?
Ann: But you don't understand him, do you? That's how it was for all of us at first too.
Futaba: When you're in the Metaverse, Mona talks like a normal person. Once you hear that and your brain realizes he can actually talk, you start to understand him in reality. ...It's a change in cognition! Most likely!


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