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In most versions of Dungeons & Dragons, you're among the best of the best when you hit the twentieth level.
In FATAL, you can finally successfully piss.
Review of FATAL, Darren MacLennan and Jason Sartin, RPGNet

"What kind of powerup is moist beam?!"

Narrator: The magic reveals hidden treasure chests.
Arino: Is that all it does?

It's THAT powerup! It has a different name in every game... and it's the last thing you wanna see on your screen because if you know that if you touch it, you will lose the weapon that you've been building up for 30 minutes and you'll have to start all over!
Screwattack's Top Five Best (and Worst) Power Ups, on #2 worst

Imagine calling your friends over to display them your brand new collection of explosive fireworks that shot up five-hundred feet into the air and make a huge colorful cock in the sky. Naturally, everyone is super excited to see it, so you take your sweet time setting it up, everyone is bored out of their skulls, there's definitely not enough alcohol for everyone to sit patiently through this, and once your finally done and ready to launch, the fireworks start making farting noises, spinning on the ground, and shooting side-ways into the neighbor's dog. And that is the experience of summoning Divine fucking Neos.


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