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So, you’re playing a video game, and there’s a lot to love about it. You want to love it as a whole, you really do, but there’s just something that stops you from having the best possible time.

It’s just that one... something. That One Attack that always gets you and possible kills you. That One Puzzle you just can’t figure out no matter how you look at it. That One Sidequest which stands between you and 100% completion. That one thing preventing a perfect experience.


This index is for that one thing. The single element in a game that stands out against all others as the single source of all player frustration.

Tropes in this index do not merely list frustrating elements in games: that's why it's "That ONE Index".


  • Demonic Spiders: Video game enemies that are really difficult to defeat.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: A gameplay mechanic that may players despise.
  • That One Achievement: A video game achievement that is very difficult to unlock.
  • That One Attack: A boss fight has one attack that is very hard to dodge and instantly kills the player.
  • That One Boss: A video game boss that is insanely hard to defeat.
  • That One Disadvantage: One small disadvantage ruins the character or weapon entirely.
  • That One Level: A video game level that is difficult to beat.
  • That One Player: A video game player who can't be beaten.
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  • That One Puzzle: A puzzle that is difficult to solve.
  • That One Rule: Complex rule in a straightforward game.
  • That One Sidequest: A side mission in a video game that is difficult to complete.


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