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"Whoa! This dude eats planets? I've got to get a picture of that."
Spider-Man on Galactus, Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Emma Smith: What... what do you want with me? I'm so small. You eat stars.
Bizarro: Bugs came from godship and started eating. They ate Bizarros, buildings, even part of Bizarro World itself. Once they am full, they fly back into godship and more would come out.
Supergirl: Huh. Omniphagus supplicants to produce fuel. Interesting
Bizarro: Huh?
Supergirl: Those things go out and eat something, then they return to the ship and are processed.

It’s a galaxy-wandering creature that appears when a planet is going to be destroyed. When you leave them be, the Nudo that got separated from the pod gets aggressive and… Gulp! It swallows the whole planet in a single bite like a cornflake. The end.
Arco describing a Nudo, Marco and the Galaxy Dragon


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