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"My mind works like Google Images."

Lady Smallwood: Mister Magnussen, can you recall an occasion when your remarks could have influenced government policy? Or the Prime Minister's thinking? In any way?
Magnussen: No.
Smallwood: Are you sure?
Magnussen: I have an excellent memory.
Sherlock, "His Last Vow"

"Do you mean to say you remember the whole diary word for word?" "Sure!" John was growing excited. "Like that morning at breakfast? You know, on your first day, when you repeated everything I'd told you?" Nicholas nodded. "Exactly like that. Here, I'll show you." And without hesitating, he launched into another word-for-word repetition of the things John had said the first morning. He didn't get far before John leaped to his feet in amazement. "I can't believe this. You still remember all that? I mean, I knew you could—but I didn't know you could—" He began to pace excitedly back and forth. "Do you mean to tell me, Nick, that you remember absolutely everything?"

"Moments like this, I'm a little jealous of your mortal limitations. I can count them. I remember everyone who's ever worshipped me."


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