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"I will kill Cell. This world is a good place. Cell wishes to destroy it. I will not let that happen."

"Yes, we keep saying we are neutral and keep our distance from things that should not concern us. But sometimes a witcher faces ordinary, down-to-earth evil, the type of genuine grievance, injustice, or plain old iniquity so grand that even one of us will find it hard to pass calmly by. At times like these, said witcher should think twice before doing something foolish. But if he concludes that, despite his training and principles he has to act, or he will never be able to look in a mirror again without spitting, then he should do it like a professional. And when he is done, he had better not be expecting any praise or thanks, for he won't receive any. He must simply turn, walk away, and never come back."
Anonymous (ascribed to Vesimir, master of the witcher trade), The World of the Witcher

Treebeard: There is no curse in Elvish, Entish or the tongues of Men for this treachery.
Pippin: Look, the trees! They're moving!
Merry: Where are they going?
Treebeard: They have business with the Orcs. My business is with Isengard tonight, with rock and stone. Come, my friends. The ents are going to war...

"You can't understand how this feels. Knowing that one day, without warning... it's all going to be reset. Look. I gave up trying to go back a long time ago. And getting to the surface doesn't really appeal anymore, either. Cause even if we do... we'll just end up right back here, without any memory of it, right? To be blunt... it makes it kind of hard to give it my all. ...Or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy...? Hell if I know. All I know is... seeing what comes next... I can't afford not to care anymore."
Sans as the Final Boss of the Genocide Route, Undertale

The Mother: The Lacuna prizes its neutrality, but Bodhi argued—
Bodhi: That neutrality, in the face of such evil, is complicity.

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