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"I have problems writing girl characters, I think: worrying too much about stereotypes, and worrying too much about transparently sidestepping stereotypes."
Evan Dahm, Order of Tales.

"By default, for the most part, we are creating television for white guys. [...] Play out that reality—who better than to write those shows?"

"The key element in all of these scenarios is the rich man, usually older, who thinks he can win Julia Roberts by using his money and impressing her wioth his power and knowledge. Isn't it a little amazing that Hollywood's top female star has found herself in this situation four different times?
Well, no, actually it isn't all that amazing—if you'll allow me to use a little pop psychology. Ask yourself these questions: (1) who writes most movies, (2) who directs most movies, (3) who produces and finances most movies, and (4) who acts as agents for the top stars? The answer in all four cases is usually the same: Middle-aged rich men."

Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
Melvin: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

Darryl: I can't believe how calm you are. On TV shows, pregnant women are always crying and screaming and punching their husbands in the face.
Heather: Well, those shows were written by men. I got an epidural remember? I don't feel a thing.

"We chatted the night away about how great it is that female characters can be sexy and tough, sexy and smart, sexy and professional ... It was a great night for women and for the men who write for them."


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