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"Robot, I have a feeling this going to take a while..."
Boy after getting 2 EXP from kicking a bunny to death, Boy and Robot: Epic jRPG Quest

"Well, when I gain a level, that makes me happy. But then I see that the bar is empty, and that makes me sad. It's okay though, because if I keep playing I can fill them up again and again!"

Fang: They used to say the Arks had a more practical purpose. Yeah, to force l'Cie to master their shiny new powers.
Lightning: Okay, so, I get it. Dysley's goal is to forge us into stronger weapons. Right.
Hope: Think of it as training for the fight ahead.
The Spoony One: Okay, come here, listen. This is what just happened: The writing in this game is so bad that the characters just flat out told you that the purpose of the next five to seven hours is to grind levels.
The Spoony One's review of Final Fantasy XIII

Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Six long months doing nothing at all,
Six long months I spent in Dublin,
Learning to dance for Lanigan's ball.
I stepped out: I stepped in again:
I stepped out: I stepped in again:
I stepped out: I stepped in again,
Learning to dance for Lanigan's ball.
—"Lanigan's Ball", old Irish song

You’ve got so much XP to earn
(So get your ass out there and grind)

"I'm going to further the plot, call me when you're done beating up defenseless animals."
Ardam, Adventurers! (first strip)
Anieas: Wait! We Can't go Yet! We don't have enough XP's(sic:HP'S) to fight the boss
Gumball: Then We'll do the thing that makes up most RPGs—-Grind!
Anieas: What's that?
Gumball: Fighting menial enemies until we're stacked
The Amazing World of Gumball Episode The Console


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