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Fine Steel Staff: A simple looking staff made with high quality steel. It is very strong, but too heavy for beginners to use.

Broken Ash Robe: A robe made with materials obtained from the strange beings that attacked Ainle. Not everyone is strong enough to wear the robe for it contains remnants of the power of another world.

Emptiness Ring: A vampire ring. Be careful. This ring has been known to drain the blood of the unworthy...
—Item Flavor Text from Vindictus

"You can outfit your ship with a variety of weapons and equipment from vendors all around Sirius, but remember than not all of it can be purchased by inexperienced pilots. Some of the high-end components will only be sold to veteran pilots and freelancers."
Bar NPC, Freelancer

Leo: We Dalmaskans are pretty stupid like that. Without the experience points it's a wonder we can wipe our own asses.
Aeris: (wearing a hat on her face) Well I'm honestly ashamed of myself. Let's go kill Cactuar until I learn how to stop being retarded.

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