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Announcer: In a World... where people live and die...
Da Chief: Do you think you could just go in there and handle this by yourself?
The Hero: If that's what it takes.
Announcer: ...he was about to meet his greatest foe...
Villain: Kill them all, all of them!
Announcer: ...and a girl...
The Hero: Hello!
The Chick: Hi.
Announcer: ...and a comic relief sidekick, who won't make it to act three.
Side Kick: I picked the wrong month to cancel my life insurance.
The Hero: No, don't say that. You're gonna make it.
Announcer: With the guy from that other movie that was slightly popular, and what's-her-name, from that show you sometimes watch. In a movie with two spectacular CGI battle sequences and an advertising campaign that will leave you no choice but to see this film. See it, because it's a movie and all your friends are going. In theaters Friday and on DVD in three months.
Hal Douglas: In a World... where laughter is king...
Director: Uh... No "In a World...", Jack.
Hal: What do you mean, "No 'In a World...'"?
Director: It's not that kind of movie.
Hal: Oh? OK. In a land that...
Director: No "in a land" either.
Hal: In a time...
Director: I don't think so.
Hal: In a land *before* time...
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"Why are all Mr Dibbler's stories set against the background of a world gone mad?"
"Because Mr Dibbler is a very observant person."

In a world. There, I said it. Happy?

Don LaFontaine in his last role ever, Phineas and Ferb


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