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Quotes / In a Single Bound

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"An appropriate sound effect here would have been *single bound*."
Tom Siddell, Gunnerkrigg Court

''A mundane martial arts master can split a brick and jump over a hedge.
A Terrestrial martial arts master can split a boulder and jump over a house.
A Celestial martial arts master can split a city wall and jump over a mountain.
A Sidereal martial arts master can split a soul and jump to Yu-Shan.''
Exalted, Scroll of the Monk

Superboy: Superman can fly. Why can't I fly?
Kid Flash: Don't know. But it looks like you can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Still cool.

You do not fly. But you totally can jump hella high.
The Greco-Roman Godhead, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella

"S-She hopped back up there like it was nothing. Is she even human?"
Juna Crawford, on Shirley Orlando, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III


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