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The spirit of the legendary San Gokushi Period (panties) is alive and well within a secret (panties) system of High School warriors, skilled (boobs) in varied styles of martial arts and constantly (panties) at war with one another, controlled (ta-tas) by the whims of mysterious group leaders. Each warrior's destiny (crotchshot) is controlled by their sacred bead, a mystical pendant (bewbies) worn as an earring that bestows both the powers (moneyspot) and the fate of the masters from the famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms (poontang) era. Hakufu Sonzaku is one such warrior, the (chacha) reincarnation of Sun Tze, ditzy and childlike, but ( jubblies) harboring a great power that many rival students are after (naughty bits), sending their own superpowered Battle Vixens, like (junk in the trunk) strong, quiet Ryomo, reincarnation of Liu Mang (shakabooms) who only finds freedom in battle, or the sultry, manipulative (beaver) Ryofu, reincarnation of Liu Bu, who suffers (hoo-ha) from a cursed destiny. Through it all, Hakufu's cousin Koukin, reincarnation of (MORE PANTIES) Xiao Yu swears to protect her from all threats, even if he must protect her (baby gots back) from herself. Also, panties. And yes, that's exactly what watching this show is like.
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