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If the Board had not authorized and I had refused to cooperate with this, Dr O'Brien and I would both be dead, along with the rest of the Auditors. Cassie Brewer would be dead, too, and the Host unbound, and the government in the hands of the Sleeper's Inner Temple by sunrise tomorrow. You and Johnny might have survived, if you had the wits to get on board the first flight out and not look back. This was much too close for comfort, Mr Howard. We could have kept fighting, but we would have had to win every battle; they only have to win once.
The Senior Auditor, The Delirium Brief

Slowly, indisputably, the incursions of Chaos are becoming more common. Though hundreds of invasions and raids occur each year, the full-scale wars that permanently scar the memories of mortals are growing in number and and frequency. To date, each of these major incursions has been stymied and eventually thrown back by the combined military might of Men, Elves and Dwarfs, but at terrible cost. The men of the North number in their millions, and they breed strong and true. Furthermore, their daemonic allies can never truly die, and return and again to assail the lands of the living. There will come a day when there are no more armies to oppose them.
Warhammer: Warriors Of Chaos Army Book (7th edition)

By all means, try and stop 'em. I won't stand in your way. Beat them back, chop them down and hold the line, carry the day. Cover yourself in glory or in guts, it makes no difference to me. Or to the dead, for that matter. You're just postponing the inevitable, lad. Mark my words, they'll get us all in the end.
Black Ruprecht, veteran of the Vampire Wars, Warhammer: Vampire Counts Army Book (8th edition)

Let me give you punks some wisdom I picked up as a boss on Cybertron. It ain't who wins the most fights, just who wins the last one!

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