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There is less than one Space Marine for every planet in the Imperium, but they are sufficient to the task at hand.

Queen Dymiria: Then, no empire moves to assist us? In spite of our calls for help, our begging, we see nothing but you and your men? This is the deliverance we abandoned our pride to plead for? How many do you bring with you?
Sarpedon: Two hundred and fifty.
Dymiria: Two hundred and fifty! What difference can you make to us? The Undying are upon us. They will care nothing for your presence unless each of your men is worth a thousand of mine.
Sarpedon: They are.

Gimli (to King Theoden): This is no rabble of mindless orcs. These are Uruk-hai. Their armor is thick, and their shields broad.

"Mere child's play. Our kryptonite-clad Nazi ninjas will push them back."
Hitler, responding to reports of superhero activity, Hitler Finds out Chuck Norris is Coming


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