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"You must face the truth squarely and without flinching from duty. Our Enemies are mortal no longer. Mercy for such as they is a chimera, self-deception is its only ally. Dedicate this weapon, given unto your hand at the behest of the Emperor, to their destruction. Regard its function as your only duty: you live only to bring cleansing fire. Take up your rod and staff, your armour and psycannon, and go forth."
Galbus Heer, Lectures to the Ordo Malleus, Warhammer 40,000

Travel light, let the sun eclipse you
'Cause your flight is about to leave
And there's more to this brave adventure
Than you'd ever believe...
Owl City, "To the Sky"

Dilbert: Would you like to join me on a daring commando raid?
Dogbert: Sure.
Dilbert: Do you want to know why?
Dogbert: Not really.

Strange Voice: Wake up... Nucleus A...
Ryo: Nucleus A? Are you talking about me?
I don't know where to look, so I answer looking up.
Strange Voice: Nucleus A. Regulate the world by becoming the political warrior, Sourinjin.
Ryo: H-Hey! What are you talking about!? First of all, my name's Takiguchi Ryo and not Nucleus A!
Strange Voice: ...Really?
Ryo: Yeah, really. I mean it.
Strange Voice: ...Excuse me.
Ryo: Okay.
Strange Voice: So you weren't Nucleus A...
It seems he got the wrong person. The voice goes away.

"Great people have always been called. This is your calling."

"You know how some people consider 'May you have an interesting life' to be a curse? Fuck those people. Wanna have an adventure?"

"Barney, the call is from heroism. Will you accept the charges?"
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons, "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses"

“Y’all need to get the hell out of my sister’s room,” Cassandra ordered. “Like, right fucking now.”
Akane kept going as if she hadn’t been interrupted. “I’m here to offer you an opportunity. You can work with fellow espers to hone your skill and even use it to benefit mankind, instead of just using it to hack the minds of your opponents while playing poker on the weekends at the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. That’s how you’re paying for this hospital room, isn’t it? You learn what cards the other players have, so you always know when’s the best time to raise or the best time to fold. You’ve even hacked them a few times to get them to fold superior hands to win a pot.”

Into the night
Out of the dark
Take to the sky
Chasing the stars
All that we said- all that we are-
Waiting to fly
this is the start
— "The Calling", by TheFatRat


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