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It's not that I was oblivious to how strongly Sayaka felt about me. It's because she never told me that I was able to avoid thinking about it. But... Even she was going to tell me eventually. Everyone is changing. Sayaka, Yuu, and even me. So... how do you stay in love with someone, even when they change?
Touko Nanami

Loving someone doesn't mean you're not okay with them changing. But it also doesn't mean you have to be okay with however they may change. How should I put it... It's the confidence that the person will stay true to what made you fall in love them in the first place. Love is an expression of trust, I think.
Sayaka Saeki

I don't think I will ever know love, and that doesn't bother me at all. I think people who do things I can't are amazing. It may not work out for everyone, but it's a fun stage to stand on.
Seiji Maki

Of course I'm running away. It hurts. It aches. It's miserable. If I had stayed ignorant, I wouldn't have to feel this way now. And yet... I want to love.
Yuu Koito

I've been making choices all this time. 'I want to be beside her.' 'I want to change her.' I was able to make all those choices because you were always telling me you loved me. I've decided that you're special to me. Nanami-senpai, I love you.
Yuu Koito

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