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"Do you rent space in that thing?"
Senator Clark, Seven Days in May

Falken: Well, I 'spose I could cook somethin' up. I mean, I can make apple pie, stuff involvin' bacon and fish or...
Falken: Actually, I might still have that thin' from ages ago.
-Falken puts down a backpack-
Falken: See ya in a sec!
-Falken dives into the backpack, vanishing from sight for a few minutes before leaping back out, holding a box.-
-Dave grabs the box, and opens it up. He eats everything in the box without even looking at it.-
Dave: What is this stuff?
-Well, unfortunately, eating everything in the box would be nigh-impossible, since the box is basically a never-ending portal of ice-cream.-
Falken: Ice cream. Y'know, frozen milk with all sorta flavors and kinda sugary as heck. Kinda picked it up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Like, 'bout nearly four years ago, time flies by, don't it?
Dave: Damn! It never ends! Endless flavored sugar milk! What is this witchcraft?
Falken: Well, it is some sorta magic, I'll tell ya that. Although you might wanna take it easy.

Gimli: So where did you put it all?
Aragorn: Oh, you know. In my pack.
Gimli: Oh, your "PACK", eh? You mean the one you never wear, which isn't depicted in your character portrait, yet you always have with you?
Aragorn: That's the one.
Gimli: The backpack which holds spears and swords, yet somehow still fits through doorways?
Aragorn: Yeah. You got it.
Gimli: The backpack which never throws you off balance or prevents you from jumping? The one that doesn't knock people over when you turn around?
Aragorn: That's right.
Gimli: The backpack in which the desired item is always available right on top, without needing to dig for it?
Aragorn: I guess so...
Gimli: And inside of this backpack, your food never seems to age or spoil, right?
Aragorn: Well, we don't really keep track of that kind of-
Gimli: All this, and the items inside never clang together or make any kind of noise?
Aragorn: Look here you lawn ornament, are you going somewhere with this or what?
Gimli: I'm just saying...You don't have a backpack. What you have there is an invisible leather TARDIS.

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