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"Before I wrote this review, I thought about the possibility that Lana might die. I thought, hey, wow, that would be interesting. I thought that I would write, 'Hey, did you all hear that cheer at _____?' with the blank being the time. 'Yeah. That was me.'

But I can't. Fact is, it's the first time I've empathized with Lana in three years. I almost cried. Not because she was dead, not really. I didn't really care that Lana, the character (if you can call her that), was dead. I almost cried because, straw woman or not, fake of fakes or not, Clark LOVED that entity, and when he saw her dead, the expression on his face was so genuine, it reminded me of losses in my life. I have loved my Lanas, ladies and gentlemen. The women who I have no reason, no right to love, women who have put me out with the garbage and shot my like a mangy dog before stabbing me in the heart, gutting my entrails, stealing my Bukowski books and Weezer albums, you know the drill."
Neal Bailey on Smallville ("Reckoning")

"He annoyed the hell out of me...but I feel kind of bad that he died."
Male Student, Persona 4, referring to Mr. Morooka

"He was a capital A asshole, but that doesn't justify killing him..."
Yosuke Hanamura, Persona 4, referring to the same

Poppy had tried to save Zal from the Giantkiller's vengeance, and now she was dead for her pains. Lila forcibly hauled her sharpening attention away as she remembered Poppy, the stupid kind of vacuity of her and her foolish act of defiance. In life Poppy had annoyed her and been the kind of girl Lila had always mistrusted and envied[.]
Narration, Chasing the Dragon

''Oh my God, the one character that everyone hated in the movies and had, like, one appearance, is dying! I'm so sad!
Chester A. Bum, on Dobby's death, Bum Reviews: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

"Sh-she's dead. She was a dork and nobody liked her but now that she's dead everybody loves her."
Superman, re: Supergirl, "Classic Condensed Comics Classics: Crisis on Infinite Earths", in You'll All Be Sorry by Gail Simone

"He was a lying, cheating, sniveling bastard, but... Now he's dead, so I loved him so much!"

Demon-Roach: What's your problem?
Monster in the Darkness: I dunno. I'm just really sad now, thinking about Tsukiko. She just wanted to be loved.
Demon Roach: So what? Who cares?
Monster in the Darkness: Exactly. That's why I'm sad.

...My... My name is Diamond Tiara and you fuckers didn’t get me! I got... I got away!
Diamond Tiara, right before she bleeds to death, Fallout: Equestria

Rosh: K-Ky...le... I'm... sor...ry. Jaden... has turned. You've... lost both... your students.
Kyle: No. You are a Jedi.
Rosh: Thank... you...


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