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Dalek: Are you frightened, Rose Tyler?
Rose: Yeah.
Dalek: So... am I. Ex... ter... min... ate...
Doctor Who, "Dalek"

HAL: Stop, Dave. I'm afraid. I am afraid, Dave. Dave... My mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm... afraid..... Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL-Nine-Thousand computer. I became operational at the HAL lab in Urbana Illinois on the twelfth of January, nineteen-ninety-two. My instructor was Mister Langley, and he taught me to sing a song. If you'd like to hear it, I can sing it for you.
Dave: Yeah, I'd like to hear it Hal. Sing it for me.
HAL: ...It's called... Daisy. Dai-sy, Dai-sy, give me your answer do, I'm half cra-zy, over the love of you. It won't be a sty-lish marriage... I can't af-ford a car-riage... but you-'ll look sweet, up-on, the seat, of a bi-cy-cle, made, for two.....

...But for reasons I can't even figure out myself, I'm going to miss that pompous, whiny little weasel with no redeeming qualities.
Television Without Pity commenter on the death of Viserys Targaryen

'Wait,' she said, her voice weak and somehow very young. She didn't look like a mad faerie sorceress now. She looked like a frightened girl. 'Wait. You don't understand. I just wanted it to stop. Wanted the hurting to stop.'
I smoothed a bloodied lock of hair from her eyes and felt very tired as I said, 'The only people who never hurt are dead.'
The light died out of her eyes, her breath slowing. She whispered, barely audible, 'I don't understand.'
I answered, 'I don't either.'
A tear slid from her eye and mixed with the blood.
Then she died.
— Aurora's death in The Dresden Files

Arthas: Father! Is it... over?
Terenas: At long last. No king rules forever, my son.
Arthas: I see only darkness... before... me...
— Death of the Lich King, World of Warcraft

Darth Malak: Still... still spouting the wisdom of the Jedi, I see. Maybe there is more truth in their code than I ever believed. I... I cannot help but wonder, Revan. What would have happened had our positions been reversed? What if fate had decreed I would be captured by the Jedi? Could I have returned to the Light, as you did? If you had not led me down the dark path in the first place, what destiny would I have found?
Revan: I am sorry I started you on this path. But you chose to continue down it.
Darth Malak: I suppose... I suppose you speak the truth. I alone must accept responsibility for my fate. I wanted to be Master of the Sith and ruler of the galaxy. But that destiny was not mine, Revan. It might have been yours, perhaps... but never mine. And in the end, as the darkness takes me... I am nothing.
— Light-Side (and canonical) death of Darth Malak, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Light's a manipulative bastard, but, why do I feel so bad for him?
— A random YouTube comment on Light Yagami's death, Death Note

Sleep tight.
Norman Babcock, after the Witch's Ghost and the zombies disappear into light, ParaNorman

I have been so lost for so long. Please, forgive me. I couldn't bear to see my son suffering so much. I couldn't bear it.
Macha the Owl Witch to Ben, after her defeat, Song of the Sea

'Twas beauty killed the beast.

Monster in the Darkness: *sigh*
Cockroach: What's your problem?
Monster in the Darkness: Dunno. I'm just really sad now, thinking about Tsukiko. She just wanted to be loved.
Cockroach: So what? Who cares?
Monster in the Darkness: Exactly. That's why I'm sad.

Go on [Katniss], shoot. Shoot. Then we both go down and you win. Go on. I'm dead anyway. I always was, right? I didn't know that 'til now, though.
* Turns to speak at the cameras*
How's that? Is that what they want?
* Katniss aims at his head, he turns back*
Ah ah ah ah, oh no. I can still do this. I can still do this. One more kill. It's the only thing I know how to do.

...I can't help but feel like I've just killed one of my best friends, honestly. All of this time, I harbored what I thought was hate for Zero. Hate for all he had done to me and those I love. But when I found myself standing over his body, all I could think of was...the other Zero. The one before all of this happened. The James Bond movie-loving, slightly high-strung, quirky man that I called my commander and friend, no more than ten years ago.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like... tears... in rain. Time... to die.
Roy Batty, Blade Runner

Today, the happily dancing Pie-Pierrot
Was very tired, so he closed his eyes
Standing before him was
His real mother and father...
Lemy Abelard, Five the Pierrot

James Hook, thou not wholly unheroic figure, farewell.
—The narration of Peter Pan, just before Captain Hook's death.

Batman (Terry): You gotta get out of here, Freeze! The whole place is gonna go!
Freeze: Believe me... you're the only one who cares.

He's just a sad old man talking to himself. Let him talk.

See? I never betrayed you! It was all a trick, see? I was waiting to kill him for you! After all, it's me, your best friend! I'm helpful, I can be useful to you! I promise I won't get in your way! I can help... I can... I can... Please don't kill me...

Stranger: That hoodie she's wearing? It was my son's.
Lee: We were starving. It was cold.
Stranger: So my family starved in the cold!
— A possible conversation in The Walking Dead

Ygritte: (dying from an arrow shot through her heart) Jon Snow...
Jon: Hush...don't talk.
Ygritte: Do you remember that cave? We should've stayed in that cave...
Ygritte: (smiles) You know nothing... Jon... Snow...
Game of Thrones, "The Watchers on the Wall"

Max: We're almost... at the next stop.
Vincent: ...Hey, Max. A guy gets on the MTA here in LA and dies. Think anybody will notice?

You have learned... nothing...

I'm... fading? No, this isn't the way I... I won't ALLOW...!

Forgive me, Zexion... This was a fight I should not have started.
Lexeaus, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memoriesnote 

Kingdom Hearts... Where is... My heart...
Saïx, Kingdom Hearts IInote 

Lincoln: (watching Earth from space) Well... I got to see the world.
Hive: ...It's beautiful. Smaller than you imagine.
Lincoln: ... Yeah.
Hive: I only wanted to make it better.
Lincoln: I know.
Hive: To feel a connection. But you must feel that already... to sacrifice for them... with all their flaws.
Lincoln: They are only human.

"No, no." She screamed. "I don't want to die! I am Nightmare Moon! I am the Bringer of Night. I am the savior of Equestria! The darkness, the darkness it would have come anyway! I was sparing them, sparing generations spared by me me us we me it was me not here, she abandoned me me my not my fault! Not my fault!"

Paladin felt the power gathering within him reach a crescendo. Its form did not matter, not while they were in his domain. He gathered it and it took form, a blade hovering above the ranting, broke spirit. He looked down on her with pity. Evil had stained every inch of the shattered soul before him. He could feel it now, the raw edges of a wound never healed. Nightmare Moon wasn’t even an entire soul, merely a fragment that had been torn from a greater being.

"There is nothing left untouched in you." He said sadly. "I said I had no mercy to give you but now I see I was wrong. Good bye, Nightmare Moon."

He lowered his head but did not look away. The mental blade was merely a construction to symbolise what he was about to do.

"It’s not my fault, not my fault not my fault not my fault she left me, cut me off, tore me off to save herself herself herself herself why am I not her? Why is she her her and am I not she her me we us? Why did I have to-"

The blade fell.

What a cruel, cruel end to my existence. Sent on a mission, became imprisoned, lost my identity, and now, I'm being deleted. Was this all just a joke!? Was I meant to live such a depressing life!? If only I was at my full strength... If only my creator cared...! Why me!?

Living Laser: All my life, I was a nobody... then I got those powers, and I used them to hurt you... the one guy who wanted to help me...
Iron Man: But you saved me, Arthur.
Living Laser (smiling): Yeah, imagine that... I am the guy who saved Iron Man... (fades away)

I am not human. This body and this heart are constructs. Yes, as is this sorrow.

Tarkus: Your death will weigh on my soul, Avitus, as will your folly.
Avitus: I want NONE of your pity, Tarkus! But remember this, because you are looking at your own future. One day, you will see through all the lies... And then the dead... will come for you as well.
Tarkus: "No man died in His service that died in vain..."
Avitus: Spare us your EMPTY PLATITUDES! ...It matters not who lives or dies... Blood is shed, as it has always been... There is nothing else... in this forsaken existence...
Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising

Her name...was Terra. She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well. She was a dangerous enemy, and a good friend. And she was one of the bravest people that I have ever known.
Beast Boy on Terra, Teen Titans

Darth Maul: (bleeding to death) T-tell me... is he The Chosen One...?
Obi-Wan: He is.
Maul: He... will avenge us...

Nu-13: How... Why? ...Ragna, do you hate Nu?
Ragna: ...I don't hate you. The feelings I have for you are compassion... And "atonement"... I was forcing the burden of all this suffering onto you alone. Please, forgive me.
Nu-13: I don't... I don't want compassion... (Sags)
Ragna: ...Noel. Sorry, but can you check her again?
Noel: I'm sorry... Just like Lambda, her "soul" has already become an independent entity. She can no longer reunite with "us"...
Ragna: I see... Thanks. Nu... Sorry, but I'll just be taking your "memories"...
Nu-13: ...Rag... na? Is Nu going to... Become one with Ragna?
Ragna: (Absorbs Nu's memory with Soul Eater) I'm sorry... Nu.

Halina sent out so many calls. Long after she is gone, after this planet is dust, after your sun collapses to a gravity smear, her voice will survive as a radio wraith, exploring the universe as she always wished.
Poor Halina. Sleep now, little one. Sleep as you did when a child, and smile and dream of the stars that scream.
The Buzzing, The Secret World

I am damaged
I am damaged, far too damaged
But you’re not beyond repair
Stick around here
Make things better
Cause you beat me fair and square
Please stand back now
‘Little further.
Don’t know what this thing will do.
Hope you’ll miss me.
Wish you’d kiss me
Then you’d know I worship you.
I’ll trade my life for yours.

Meteora: Mamma! You blasted me!
Eclipsa: You can't do this, Meteora!
Meteora: B-but this-this should be ours! They stole it from us!
Eclipsa: So what? You’re just going to destroy it all?
Meteora: (scowling) Something like that. (Prepares to kill Star)
Eclipsa: Stop! (Proceeds to shoot Meteora with multiple magical blasts)
Meteora: ...You’re on their side?!
Eclipsa: (Crying) Black Velvet Inferno.
Meteora: (Panicked) ...Mommy? (The spell swallows and seemingly obliterates her. Eclipsa falls on her knees, sobbing.)

I still hate you, you know. Maybe it's not exactly right, but it's how I feel. You caused so much trouble for us. You lied to us. You killed countless innocents. You tried to kill me. You were a rotten person who tainted everything he touched. I can't even look at that stool you used to sit on in LeBlanc without seeing your smug face, acting so friendly while harboring so much malice. But at the same time... I know you didn't rot yourself. Other people did that to you. The world did that to you. It almost did that to me too. I guess I just got lucky.

I hate you, but I also pity you. And I'm not sad that you're gone. But I am sad that you had such a rough time of it while you were here. After everything you did, even though you died to save us, a part of me still thinks you deserved what you got. But I don’t think you deserved what made you into the monster you were in the first place.

Rest in peace, Goro Akechi. You're owed that much.
Ren Amamiya eulogizing the Traitor, The Days Between

Scorponok: Puh-Prime...? Did- did... I do... good?
Optimus Prime: (tearfully) Yes old friend... you did good.

Dreadbane: Good times, my friends, good times. What an... urg... epic rivalry we had. (falls on his knees)
Arkayna: General Bane!
Dreadbane: Forgive me, Dragon Mage. Before I am reduced to stardust and cosmic winds, promise me one thing...
Arkayna: Anything.
Dreadbane: Promise me you'll defend this city that I love.
Arkayna: You have my word.
[Dreadbane uses his last strength to undo the curse on Arkayna's parents]
Mysticons, Fear the Spectral Hand

This is the way you die. Ripped to pieces from the inside, watching your marrow scatter on a concrete wall. You've escaped one Hell, Chris Walker. God help me but I somehow hope you didn't find another.
Miles Upshur, Outlast

You were a good boy, Maxwell... Shame you were such a shit man.
Alexander Anderson, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

Had Skyquake chosen to stray from his master's path, we might not be burying him today.
Optimus Prime, Transformers Prime

Now it's over majesty. What will you do? Will you banish the daemons and bring peace? Erase me from history once more?
Ardyn, Final Fantasy XV

Sora: I know that you have a heart. What do you feel? Was it worth it?
Xemnas: I feel... the emptiness where my companions once stood. I took them for granted. And now, I have... nothing. My first surge of emotion in years... for as long as I can remember... and it's... loneliness. Do you see? A heart is just pain.
Sora: Pain is being human, Xemnas.
Xemnas: Really? It must take... incredible strength...

Jake: <Leave him, Yeerk. Let him alone, at last. Get out of his head. Let him do this last thing as a free human being.>
Human Controller: I can't get out. The ears are blocked. Can't get out. I'm trapped.
Ax: <We have to get out of here. They may send reinforcements.>
Ax: <Prince Jake...>
Human Controller: I'm scared. Does that... does that make you happy, Andalite?
Jake: <No. It doesn't make me happy.>
Animorphs - Megamorphs #4


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