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"There are names for men who take advantage of women when they are vulnerable, but I shall never rightfully be called any of them."

"I haven't had sex in four months! I should get a medal for that!"
Ross after refusing to have sex with Rachel: Friends

"You think it's cool? I've got news for you. Even dogs bang. Cats bang. Every animal on this planet bangs. They all have sex. That's nothing. That's meaningless. It takes a man, it takes a human... a human like me, with balls bigger than all of you Neanderthals in the locker room, to love. So I'll be damned if the first time with me and Lacey will be about screwing! I will be damned!"

Scott Summers: You're drunk. We shouldn't be doing this.
Jean Grey: Run wild with me. You would never be able to do it with Sue. Let go and lose control.
Scott: We're not doing this.
Jean: Why?
Scott: We are not doing this. One, you're drunk and not thinking clearly. You're the closest thing to a best friend I have and I refuse to ruin our friendship for a five-second hormone rush. I care for you too much to take advantage of you like that; it's a line I won't cross. Two, I am not prepared or equipped for this and I can almost guarantee that you're not either. I refuse to do something in the heat of the moment that could affect the rest of your life. Three, if the guys ever found out, they would trounce me and I'd let them. We all agreed you're off limits. Four, what the guys left breathing the Professor would gladly finish off. So, we are not doing this.

Zach: She's totally into it!
Noel: Doesn't count when you're wrecked. Hammered equals date rape.


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