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Playing With / Pardon My Klingon

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Basic Trope: Swearing in made-up languages.

  • Straight: A Klingon calls Bob a petaQ.
  • Exaggerated: The Klingon launches into a Foreign-Language Tirade that lasts a full ten minutes and leaves Bob very wet.
  • Downplayed: The Klingon calls Bob a qoH.translation 
  • Justified:
  • Inverted:
    • Told from the Klingon's perspective, Bob calls the Klingon a son of a bitch.
    • The Klingon calls Bob a word that can be translated as "Worthy Opponent."
  • Subverted: What sounds like Klingon profanity is actually an innocuous word.
  • Double Subverted: But not in the context it's used in.
  • Parodied: The Klingon's swear words sound like Baby Talk, making it impossible for anyone to take him seriously.
  • Zig-Zagged: The Klingon alternates swearing in English and Klingon.
  • Averted:
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  • Enforced: The writers want to sneak some cussing past the censors, so they made up their own profanity.
  • Lampshaded:
    Bob: Just what does "petaQ" mean, anyway?
    Klingon: It is profanity.
  • Invoked: In a Klingon-language class, Bob specifically asks the teacher about swearing.
  • Exploited: Bob makes it a point to remember what the Klingon called him so he can use it on another Klingon himself.
  • Defied: The Klingon holds his tongue because Bob is a child, and even Klingons don't swear in front of children.
  • Discussed:
    Bob: It was a stupid plan, I told him it was a stupid plan, he called me a petaQ, whatever that means.
  • Conversed:
    Alice: Why is it that 99% of the alien words ever written in fiction are profanity?
  • Implied: The Klingon says "petaQ" at Bob. Bob doesn't know what the word itself means, but he can tell it was harsher than the rest of the Klingon's speech.
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  • Played for Laughs: Bob tries swearing at a Klingon, but ends up saying that his shitty hovercraft is full of fucking eels.
  • Played for Drama: The Klingon swears at Bob, who swears right back. The Klingon takes this as a challenge, and Bob finds himself in a fight to the death.

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