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Nightmare Fuel / Years and Years

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Russell T. Davies once again refuses to pull his punches.

Episode One

  • The scenes of the Chinese island being nuked, the frighteningly realistic emergency broadcast, and mass panic are creepy.

Episode Two

  • The drone footage of the rubble that once was Hong Sha Dao, including vaguely humanoid scorch marks on walls that once were people.
  • The overnight collapse of Stephen's and Celeste's bank. They're insured up to £85000 which is not much use seeing as they just sold their house for over a million pounds.
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  • The sheer panic outside their bank branch and the police trying to hold everyone into an orderly queue. Then the bank stops letting anyone else in and everyone, including the policeman, is banging on the glass doors demanding their money.

Episode Three

  • The result of Bethany and Lizzie's trip to Liverpool. Bethany calls Celeste sobbing and a concerned Celeste immediately drives to Liverpool to find out what's happened. Bethany mentions something about a procedure. Lizzie is on the bed wearing an eye-patch. Celeste gently removes it and says she looks okay, just a little bit of swelling. Then the eye starts moving wildly, out of Lizzie's control. It's a camera that Lizzie can't even see out of because the output of her eye is on a tablet, not in her brain.
    • And the fact that it's too expensive to fix and the culprits will get away scot-free, as they're on a boat and practically impossible to prosecute.
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria is now a widespread threat.


Episode Four

  • The general collapse of Europe - Spain has a communist revolution, Greece is leaving the EU via Grexit, Hungary is bankrupt and Italy has declared martial law. Things aren't looking much better in old blighty.
    • Across the pond, the USA has suspended same sex marriage, overturned abortion rights and banned the speaking of Spanish in public spaces.
  • The news footage of deep fakes of politicians saying extreme things like "arrest all immigrants" and the politicians freaking out and panicking. It's clear that democracy is going down the drain. And of course, Viv Rook manages to both condemn the deep fakes but plant the seed of doubt that they really believe those things.
  • The brief (around a second long for each one) shots of Daniel and Victor on the dangerously crowded, unstable refugee boat are truly horrifying.
  • Daniel dead on the beach, eyes open, with Victor so traumatised that all he can do is repeat "не знаю" (meaning "I don't know") over and over.


Episode Five

  • Dirty bombs are planted in the centre of both Leeds and Bristol. In the aftermath, a terrified woman covered in dust is shown panicking on the news, saying "I've breathed it in - what do I do?!"
  • The entirety of Vivienne Rook's pitch on the Erstwhile Sites. Specifically her pointing out the widely true fact that no one really remembers or cares about the fact that the British literally invented concentration camps during the Boer War, killing 26,000 people and therefore, no one will remember or care about what she's doing.

Episode Six

  • The presence of a deadly pandemic called Monkey Flu and the fact that eligible victims are being deliberately shipped to the Erstwhile Camps in order to spread the disease amongst the captive population.

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