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  • Viktor and Daniel's cute exchange at the petrol station where Viktor is working, where they pretend not to know each other:
    Daniel: "Good evening."
    Viktor: "Good evening, sir."
    Daniel: "Litre of non-milk, thanks."
    Viktor: "Anything else?"
    Daniel: "I thought a shag might be nice."
    Viktor: "Nothing I can do about that, sir."
    Daniel: "I'll just go home all alone, then."
    Viktor: "Well. You're a bit ugly, sir."
    Daniel: "I am."
    Viktor: "It's very sad. Good night, sir."
    Daniel: "Good night."
    [cut to them having said shag]
  • The entirety of the alcosynth scene, to the tune of Tubthumping.
    • The aftermath, where it is clear that its promise of no hangovers was an outright lie - Viktor is absolute gone and throwing up in the sink with Muriel holding back his hair. All he can get out is "ви намагалися вбити мене" (you tried to kill me).
  • Edith's assessment of Jonjo:
    Edith: "He looks like the sort of man who's happy when he finds a big crisp."

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