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Nightmare Fuel / Under the Dome

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    The Series
  • The Dome crashing down.
  • The groceries truck crashing into the Dome and folding like paper.
  • Duke's pacemaker exploding out of his chest.
  • Junior kidnapping Angie and locking her in his bomb shelter because he thought her dumping him was because 'the Dome made her sick'.
  • A woman happens to be reaching across the line when the dome comes down. She loses her arm.
  • In the first episode, a cow gets sliced in half by the dome. We get a glorious show of its insides.
  • Joe comes across an apparent picnic spot that the dome fell over. There's a pair of disembodied legs on inner side, and a blood trail leading away on the other, indicating that whatever poor fellow was picnicking tried to crawl away.
  • MOAB (aka The Mother Of All Bombs) being launched against Chester's Mill in 'Visitor's Day'.
  • In episode 4, Joe and Norrie contrive to make a video recording of their own seizures. When they watch the video afterwards, we see Joe sit up, look directly into the camera, and make a shushing motion— and the expression on his face is unbelievably creepy.
  • Rose's murder and Angie's almost-rape in 'The Endless Thirst'.
  • The Four Hands's Dome-induced vision of Big Jim calmly standing as he starts to bleed from knife wounds, with the bloody knives in their Dome-free hands.
  • Big Jim throughout the first season, but especially once from 'Speak Of The Devil' onwards.
    • For that matter, the velocity with which most of the townspeople blindly believe Big Jim's lies.
  • In Season 2, a science teacher, Rebecca, wants to commit mass murder by releasing a weaponized flu virus.
  • Linda's death and Angie's murder in 'Heads Will Roll' (in which ironically, neither of the victims is decapitated).

    The Book 

  • The whole fire under the Dome sequence. And Henry's bus. Also the last few minutes of Jim Rennie's life: alone in the dark, with a failing heart, running out of air, surrounded by the ghosts of his victims...
  • You're reading this book. You turn the page/pressing the kindle screen. You see the title of the next chapter: BLOOD EVERYWHERE.