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Heartwarming / Under the Dome

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    The Series 
  • Phil and Dodie dancing.
  • Harriet giving birth to Alice, named after Alice the Doctor.
  • Joe being reunited with his sister.

    The Book 
It's a Stephen King novel, but there are some cute moments.
  • The soldier and Ollie's whole thing.
    • He finally stands up to his seemingly jerkass commander and yells that they have a survivor.
  • Visitor's Day. Too bad it soon goes to hell.
    • A pure one happens when Ames and Ollie Dinsmore meet after the dome goes up.
  • Junior Rennie and Frankie surprisingly get one; while evacuating a camp site, the two come across Alice and Aiden, 2 young children that have been separated from their mother due to the dome and have been on their own since. Both teens immediately drop their usual Jerkass attitudes and honestly try to be good police officers to the kids, even deciding to stop at another cabin to get the two something to eat before taking them to town.