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Tearjerker / Under the Dome

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    The Series 

  • Freddy's death in episode 2.
  • The scene at the end of episode 3 where Linda removes the nametags with Paul, Freddy and Duke's names from their lockers.
  • Alice Calvert's death in episode seven.
  • Big Jim's confession to Junior about how Junior's mother really died.
  • Dodee's murder and the torching of the radio station by Big Jim.
  • Both Linda's death and Angie's murder in the Season 2 premiere. Joe's reaction in the next chapter after discovering that his sister just died is also heartbreaking.
  • In Redux, Junior nearly committing suicide over being under the dome and his dad's thumb again.

    The Book 

  • Henrietta Clavard and Petra Searles conversation before they died.
    • Sammy's gang rape.
    • "Momma loves you, Little Walter."


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