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Nightmare Fuel / The Breadwinner

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Dear Master Builder this elephant is a total abomination!

You thought that Crom Cruach and Macha were all freaky and scary? then came this film which was the most darkest and horrid animated film that Cartoon Saloon ever made, so much horrid violence, child kidnapping, Religious violence and Terrorism and other dark elements in this film, not to mention that there's blood when some characters injure and this film is set in the year 2001 (The Same year as 9/11)!

  • The Elephant King (pictured) is plenty intimidating with its red eyes glaring form its huge, powerful shadowed form.
  • The story's premise is prime Adult Fear material, with its prominent display of political violence, privation, child abuse and enforced misogyny.
  • The Taliban barging into the Alizai household and dragging the crippled Nurullah out, with his family unable to do anything but watch.
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  • When travelling to the prison to protest her husband's arrest, Fattema is stopped by a Taliban patrol and brutally beaten in a dark, dirty alley. We're spared the sight of the act, but the sound of her pained screaming and the bruises we see afterwards paint a very clear picture of what's happening.
  • An enraged and wild-eyed Idrees chasing Parvana and Shauzia down a rocky hillside, eventually cornering them inside a small cave. He only gives it up once he's called back to join the fight. The sexually predatory overtone of the whole scene doesn't help matters.
  • To viewers who have experienced domestic abuse or kidnapping, the part of the film where Fattema's cousin tries to drag her and her children to Mazar-i-Sharif by force can hit far too close to home.
  • With the war approaching, the Taliban begin to round up all the prisoners who won't fight for them. We see a group of frightened men being herded out of sight, then a burst of gunfire.
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  • The sight and noise of American jets raining fire on the horizon, like mythical monsters coming down from the sky to break the mountains apart.


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