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Heartwarming / The Breadwinner

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  • After their confrontation with Idrees at the beginning, Parvana's father warmly assures her that he wants her to continue playing and telling stories, instead of getting married off like so many other girls.
  • Parvana soothing Zaki with her stories.
  • Having made several failed attempts to run errands for her family, Parvana resorts to cutting her hair short in order to pass as a boy. Soraya walks in on her in the act and helps her finish it.
    • Upon seeing her new appearance for the first time, her mother remarks that she looks just like her late brother, Sulayman.
  • The sheer joy Parvana shows after getting to buy groceries as "Aatish" for the first time.
  • Razaq asking Parvana to teach him to read and write. The first thing we see him writing is his late wife's name.
  • Shauzia talking excitedly about her dream to escape Afghanistan and see the sea one day. Later on, she sits down with Parvana on a field of derelict tanks and pulls out a picture of a beach, expressing amazement that there's a place where the water is that blue.
    • This comes back later on in a rather more tear-jerking fashion, as Shauzia asks Parvana to meet her by the sea in twenty years' time, before they part ways.
  • An unnamed old man offering Parvana a lift on his pickup truck on her way to the prison.
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  • Razaq emerging from the prison in the end, grievously wounded but having successfully rescued Nurullah.
  • The ending, bittersweet as it is. Fattema reunites with Soraya and Zaki on the way back from Mazar-i-Sharif, while Parvana brings her father home from the prison, reciting his tale about the origin of their people.
  • Mixed with tearjerker, but the story Parvana is telling becomes a tribute to her dead brother.


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