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Nightmare Fuel / The Adventures of Tintin (1991)

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  • Generally, whenever there's a nightmare sequence, the music and animation make it scarier than in the comic books.
  • The fakir with Hypnotic Eyes in "Cigars of the Pharaoh". He gains a Voice of the Legion when hypnotizing Tintin.
  • "The Seven Crystal Balls": The archeologists who found the mummy of Rascar Capac have been comatose since the Crystal Balls attack. Their skin has turned bluish (while it kept a normal color in the comic books) and they only wake up to horrifyingly scream in pain (while they only writhe about in the comic books and in the 1969 Temple of the Sun film by Belvision).
    • "Temple of the Sun" reveals the Inca tortured them with dolls.
  • "Tintin in Tibet": The comic book doesn't quite convey how bone-chilling the Yeti's growls are in the cold night. The episode absolutely does, with echoes in the mountains. No wonder the carriers run back home as soon as they can. Then there's Tintin's encounter with the beast.
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  • The track "Land of Thirst" may start off alright with a vaguely arabic ambiance, but it gets very unnerving after a dozen seconds, it really gives off a suspenseful vibe, a sense of danger lurking, with a high-pitched, sustained pad, ghastly synths, droning bass and tenseful piano.


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