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Tear Jerker / The Adventures of Tintin (1991)

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The Tear Jerker moments of the comic books are naturally amplified with animation, voices and music.

  • This theme plays in the saddest moments. It's only thirty seconds long, but it surely strikes an emotional chord whenever it plays. The most moving use is probably the teddy bear scene detailed below.
  • "Tintin in Tibet":
    • Haddock reading the article about the plane crash, and the realization that it's the plane Chang was on.
      Haddock: The plane was carrying a team of scientist, as well as... a... young, Chinese boy...
      Tintin: [with tears in his eyes] Chang! My poor friend Chang...
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    • When Tintin finds a teddy bear in the wreckage, Haddock says a line that's far more heartbreaking when it's heard than when it's read.
      Captain Haddock: Couldn't you find something else?
      [cue a big tear on his cheek]
      Tharkey: The mountains are cruel Sahib, they keep those they take...
    • In the scene where Haddock tries to sacrifice himself, he mutters bitterly to himself that he's "just getting rid of dead weight" while trying to cut the rope, which makes the scene all the more painful.


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