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Nightmare Fuel / Ted

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • After Ted is kidnapped by Donny and his son, when Ted sees a room filled with many pictures of himself on Donny's wall, one can't help but think that it may be disturbing in a way.
    • Donny and Robert in general are pretty scary. Yeah, they come across as comedic due to the movie they're in, but they'd be pretty believable as horror film villains with minimal changes. For example, the scene where Donny dances while Ted tries to sneak out was comical, but it could have just as easily been in a horror film as is (think Buffalo Bill dancing to "Goodbye Horses"). Also present is Robert giving Ted an "ouch" by ripping his ear off. Thankfully, it is easily undone, but replace "talking stuffed bear" with "human being." Yeah...
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    • It gets even worse in the extended edition, as while he's running from Donny, Ted runs to the basement and accidentally trips and falls down to the bottom of the stairs, where he comes face to face with the remains of dozens of other teddy bears that have been ripped apart, stabbed, dismembered, and chopped into pieces. Ted can only scream in absolute horror. It's only scary because he's a stuffed animal himself. For a human, it'd be like finding the mutilated corpses of a serial killer's previous victims.
  • Even though he gets better, it's not cool to see a teddy bear get ripped in half.
  • A prostitute, who may have sexually transmitted diseases, shitted on Lori's floor.
    • Gets more scary when Lori accidentally touched a bit of it.

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