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Nightmare Fuel / Taxi Driver

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Pew... Pew... Pew...

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The final shootout is very bloody and definitely not something to cheer on. Special mention goes to the man who gets almost his entire hand blown apart by the .44 magnum.
  • The scene where Travis meets a passengernote  who wants to kill his own wife, he even describes the details of the planned murder happily. Worst part being his description of a woman's vagina after being shot with a 44 magnum.
    • It's worth noting that even Travis looks creeped out by the guy's psychotic ranting.
  • When Travis tries out the .38 snubnose by pointing it out a window, he starts to aim at two unaware people with umbrellas having a conversation, using them as make-belief targets.
  • The very last shot of Travis' face in the rear-view mirror coupled with the strange sound and the sudden acceleration. His face is blood-red, indicating that he might be not so sane and could go on a second killing spree.
  • Sport convincing Iris not to leave the prostitution business, mainly because of the pedophelic vibes he gives off throughout the whole scene.

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