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Nightmare Fuel / Slender: The Arrival

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This is a game based off of the Slender Man Mythos. Did you expect this to be a hilarious, bizarre Mind Screw?

  • Chapter One has no major scares, but it does have a good atmosphere. Kate's bedroom is practically wallpapered in scribbles of and eerie notes about the Slender Man. When you approach the broken window, you'll hear a long, blood-curdling scream in the distance. The scene makes it quietly but abundantly obvious that something has gone horribly wrong.

  • Into the Abyss has you wandering through an abandoned mine, looking for generators in random locations. It's cramped, pitch black, and all-too-easy to get lost as you run from your pursuers. That's right, pursuers, plural; you're chased by both Slendy and a snarling, feral proxy, in a mask that makes her look almost inhuman.
    • Worse, the snarling, feral proxy is eventually revealed to be your missing friend Kate. It's unnerving to think about how she ended up in this state, and wonder if Lauren, the player character, will too.

  • In Chapter 5, Memories, you play as Charlie Matheson, Jr., who wanders a beach and later a forest. The Nightmare Fuel comes into play at the very end, where Slender Man's tentacles grab you. Charles Matheson and his wife call out for their son, who responds in an increasingly louder and panicked voice, as more and more tentacles come out of the fog. Then they cover the screen, as a shrill, distorted scream blasts out of the speakers.

  • Chapter 7, Homestead, is CR's recording of himself exploring the ancient Matheson farm. There, we see him find multiple pictures and diary entries of how Slender Man has been haunting the Matheson family for what seems to be centuries, and took two of the Matheson children away, with only one little girl and the family's grandmother claiming to have seen him when everyone else thinks they're nuts. After CR finds the last few pieces of information, he's chased out of the ruins of the farmstead by a screaming, corpse-like monstrosity, and only saves himself by dropping the camera and driving off.
    • When you go to investigate the cellar, the area is pitch black, requiring you to turn on the lights. Which, of course, go out frequently. On occasion you can see the human-like monster just standing there, only for the lights to go out, come back on, and show him gone, as if he was never there.
    • You'll also have to pass through a field of tall grass multiple times. The human-like monster will sometimes attack you as you go through. Don't dally!
    • When you enter the chapel, the doors close on their own. If you turn around, Slender Man is right behind you.

  • The Arrival closes with one scare after another. After everything you went through, you end up trapped in a room with a charred body and crazed writings on the wall. The door is locked behind you and your flashlight is completely drained. When you go closer to the body, you find a camcorder which plays audio of C.R. burning himself to death, with Kate refusing to and fleeing. C.R.'s screams of pain are horrifying.
    • After the audio ends, the corpse-like proxy bashes the door down and charges you. Then you wake up in the house from the first level, with the aforementioned proxy watching you from the stairs. It's Charlie, the missing child. After you collect the two final notes, Charlie disappears and you wander the second floor of the house, eventually coming across the Chaser from the mines, who tackles you. The screen goes black for a second, then cuts back to show an unconscious form being dragged away. Roll credits.
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    • The section of the level leading up to the ending is pretty damn unnerving in its own right. Running for your life through a raging forest fire with Slendy at your heels? Sounds like fun!

  • A secret level in The Arrival is little else but this. You wander about the house, with the ground outside being invisible and the polygons making up the house walls acting sporadically. Slender Man wants to play hide and seek.
    "I like you. I want to play a game."
    • As you explore the house, you'll teleport around randomly. The Slender Man is just toying with you, and he somehow is able to teleport you within his grasp.
    • It is impossible to win the secret level, you simply wander helplessly around- distortions getting stronger and stronger- until he finds you.
    • Made even worse by the interface screw on the main menu. You're taken back to the main menu at some point during the secret level; none of the options except "play game" or "quit game" work and if you try to select a level, the levels are all replaced with images of the missing child poster that triggers the level. Slender Man is able to break the fourth wall in order to screw with you.
    • To cap off the secret level's nightmare fuel: once Slender Man catches you, you are immobilized and set on fire. You cannot move; you can only frantically look around and see the Slender Man getting gradually closer. It even ends with a sentence flat-out saying "you are dead."

  • There's a bonus level, a remake of the original Slender. When you collect all eight pages and Slender Man catches you, he says "I have plans for you, Kate".

  • It's a subtle touch most players miss, but every once in a while, you'll hear footsteps that aren't your own.


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