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YMMV / Slender: The Arrival

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  • Complete Monster: This rendition of the Slender Man communicates a more deliberately malicious personality in its rare messages. A being responsible for centuries of disappearances, the Slender Man has stalked the Matheson family for generations. In one notable instance it terrorized and abducted young Charlie Matheson from his parents, mutilating him into an emaciated corpse-like creature in constant pain, later causing Charlie's father to commit suicide. When Carl Ross and Kate investigate the disappearances and find out knowledge of the Slender Man keeps it around, Carl tries to kill himself and Kate to stop the Slender Man, only for Kate to be taken and turned into the ravenous Chaser as part of its plans. Following Kate's friend Lauren as she uncovers the truth, she eventually jumps off a tower, only for it to try to keep her alive to continue its influence. In its messages, the Slender Man indicates it sees death and torment as a game to play on humans, and in a secret level displays this by burning a helpless victim alive before killing her.
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  • Contested Sequel: Or remake, rather. Slender: The Arrival has been shown to do functionally everything better than its predecessor. On the other hand, the plot has been criticized as too vague and the length is said to be a bit too short.
  • Sequel Difficulty Drop: "The Eight Pages" chapter is noticeably less difficult than the original "Slender: The Eight Pages" game, as it is the first of several action levels and thus is intended to actually be finished without excessive frustration. The bonus chapter that recreates the original game brings the difficulty back up to its original level.
  • That One Level: The abandoned mine area, where you have to turn on the generators seem frustrating to some since not only is Slenderman trying to get you but also his proxy who tries to chase you down and if it catches you, it cripples you making it a lot harder to get away next time. Heck even after you turn on all the generators, it can still get you while you're waiting for the elevator to rise.
    • Hardcore mode turns it up to eleven not only forcing you to collect gas canisters for each generator, but also gives you very limited flashlight life. This makes the proxy a much bigger threat. Luckily, although the game won't tell you this, you can effectively hide from it by ducking into the corner of a room or behind large objects with your flashlight off.


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